Can you cast Houseparty to Chromecast? Take the app to the next level!


In these uncertain times, there’s nothing more important than staying in touch with your friends and family.

And while people all over the world are in a state of lockdown, things aren’t all bad – not for the creators of the Houseparty app – anyway.

Launched in 2019 on iOS and Android, Houseparty is the ‘face to face social network’. The app has become something of a crazy in 2020.

So, can you cast Houseparty to Chromecast? Let’s take a look at the possibilities of the app.
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What is the Houseparty app?

Owned by Epic Games, the Houseparty app has been around for almost a year in March 2020.

The viral app is described as “the face to face social network”. The face to face element is provided via video chat whether you’re using a mobile or desktop device.

Whereas a regular video call normally provides two people the ability to chat, Houseparty – as the name suggests – gets everyone involved, keeping a whole social group in touch.

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Can you cast Houseparty to Chromecast?

Apps compatible with Chromecast vary from country to country, but thankfully, the answer is yes – you can cast Houseparty to your TV via Chromecast.

Casting Houseparty works in the same way that you would cast any other app to your TV.

Both the Google Chromecast and the mobile device you’re using have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Using your mobile device, select the Chromecast as one of the connected devices to cast to.

Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Cast.


Don’t lose out on quality during Houseparty Chats! Sure streaming with your standard built-in webcam is OK, however using a compact, portal webcam with HD quality is a clear choice.

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Which devices are Houseparty compatible?

Of course, one of the most important things about any app is its accessibility.

You can use Houseparty on a laptop or PC as well as an Apple Mac, iPhone or Android device.

Once downloaded, you can invite friends to join you on the app. Expect a tonne of notifications when your party pals start joining in the with fun. Plus, there’s a whole host of games to enjoy with your friends on Houseparty, too.

Download the Houseparty App from the Apple App Store here or the Google Play Store for Android here.

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