Can you delete conversations on Houseparty? Private messages to group chat


Houseparty has been around for a few years but it has surged in popularity due to the global lockdown in 2020.

If you thought house parties were a thing of the past – reserved for teenagers or university students – think again, because its the app everyone’s downloading in 2020.

Lockdown might have thrown us into being anti-social, but it’s time to relive our best years – well, virtually, anyway.

Signing up for Houseparty is easy but when it comes to using the app, some users have had questions. So, let’s take a look at how to delete conversations on Houseparty – private messages to the group chat.

How to delete conversations on Houseparty
@tataks via Twenty20 How to delete conversations on Houseparty

How to delete conversations

Deleting messages on any app is usually quite straightforward, but it looks like things are a bit more complicated, if not impossible, with Houseparty.

Normally, with texts, WhatsApp, Messenger and other apps, you can long-hold a message and you should be promoted with an option to delete it.

Because it’s not that simple on Houseparty, people have been opening forums just to find out how to use the app.

The only options we’ve found which could be a solution are to archive a private conversation. Slide a conversation to the left and you’ll be given the option to ‘hide’ it.

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Can you delete private messages on Houseparty?

As it stands, it doesn’t look like private messages can be deleted on Houseparty.

Long-holding a message on the app simply provides the option to ‘copy’.

With other apps such as Skype, deleting messages is pretty easy and can be done by doing the following. However, it doesn’t look like Houseparty has the feature of deleting yet.

Right-click on message > Select messages > Remove message via ‘bin’ icon.

Before a message has been read by the recipient, you can remove it this way.

However, it doesn’t look as though you can delete messages once they’ve been seen.

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How to delete a group chat on the app

It doesn’t look like you can delete any chat on Houseparty per se. However, you can remove all the members of the group chat and archive the chat by sliding a conversation left and clicking ‘hide’.

Make other alterations to your experience of using Houseparty by heading to the ‘Settings’ cog, but there’s no option under settings to delete messages at the moment, unfortunately.

If you wish to remove a friend from Houseparty you can navigate to the pink ‘Settings’ cog and delete them.

Houseparty App
Houseparty App

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