Seeing Zoom error 3003 “not meeting host” message? This is why it happens


The Zoom platform has become very popular for many businesses across the world since it was founded nine years ago.

The importance of video calling has become a necessity due to more people working remotely in 2020.

Conference video call meetings can be set up so that different teams and individuals can talk to each other.

When video calls are set up it requires a key person to set up the call, known as the host.

When using the app, you may see a Zoom error 3003 “not meeting host” message. We take a look at why this happens and what you can do about it.

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zoom error 3003 not meeting host
Envato Elements – zoom error 3003 not meeting host

Can a Zoom meeting run without the host?

When using the Zoom application, many people wonder if a meeting can run without the host.

If you wish, you can set up a co-host who’ll be a designated person to start the meeting on Zoom.

To be able to do this, complete the following steps:

  • Locate the meeting controls at the bottom of the Zoom window and click Manage Participants.
  • Go to the name of the person you would like to be the co-host and choose More.
  • Select Make Co-Host.

This will give the co-host administrative controls over the meeting.

You will have the ability to manage participants, start or stop recordings as the co-host as a result.

You can add as many co-hosts to Zoom meeting as you need.


See a Zoom error 3,003 not meeting host message? This is why it happens-

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What causes a Zoom error 3003 “not meeting host” message?

In order for a group meeting to begin on Zoom, a meeting link is shared with the participants, granting them access to join.

Once the link is clicked, an error message can appear that shows ‘not meeting host. (3,003)’

Error 3003 occurs when there’s some confusion over the host. When the host of a Zoom meeting creates a co-host, a link to the meeting is created for the co-host.

Then, the co-host can share this new link with the rest of the participants. However, error 3003 states “not meeting host”, as, quite rightly, the co-host isn’t the meeting host.

What you’ll need to do, in this instance, is share with the other participants the original meeting link.

The link format needs to be changed to avoid error 3003, you can do this by completing the steps below.

To change the link format you may see this format: 

Copy and paste this link into a text document and do the following:

  • Change /meeting/ in the link to /j/  so should now show
  • Copy and paste and see if it connects correctly.

You should now be able to access the meeting without seeing the “not meeting host” error message.

Do I have to download Zoom to join a meeting?

There is no need to download Zoom before joining a meeting.

You will be provided with a link from the person who has arranged the meeting and once the link is clicked you will be prompted to download the software.

If you like what Zoom has to offer, you can certainly create an account if you like. But, you don’t have to already be signed up to Zoom to join a meeting.

You can also use the Zoom mobile app that can host forty-minute meetings with up to twenty-five participants for free.

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See a Zoom error 3,003 not meeting host message? This is why it happens-

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