How to fix Apple Music error code 9039: iTunes users face the same issue


Apple Music first launched in 2015 in 100 countries. As of April 21st 2020, Apple states that the streaming service is now available in an additional 52 countries.

As with most Apple products, Apple Music shot to success following its reveal. Competing with the likes of Spotify and TIDAL, Apple Music offers streaming of 60 million songs ad-free.

Not only can you stream music on the service, Apple Music also supports video streaming and is the go-to place to listen to its exclusive radio station Beats 1.

For all it’s great points, even the tech giants of the world can endure some glitchy slip-ups along the way. So, let’s take a look at Apple Music error code 9039 – what is it? And how can we get it fixed?

apple music error code 9039
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Apple Music error code 9039

By the looks of things, error code 9039 is an unknown error. It’s not listed as an error code with a specific reason or fix on the Apple website.

It seems that the error isn’t device-specific with iTunes, HomePod and Apple Music users all experiencing error code 9039.

The first way to get the error code fixed is to follow the steps below.

  • Go to your Apple Account > Sign-out of iTunes or Apple Music.
  • Quit iTunes/Apple Music
  • Reopen your chosen app.
  • Now, signed back in by heading to Account > Sign in.

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Are Apple Music and iTunes the same?

No, Apple Music is a streaming service while iTunes is a media player and library.

Both created by Apple Inc, Apple Music and iTunes can work in sync.

They’re not the same app, however, you can carry out similar tasks using both iTunes and Apple Music.

The music you listen to on Apple Music is not yours to keep, however, the music you purchase and download on iTunes is.

Many people experience iTunes error 9039 and 11571. To troubleshoot this issue, please see the above steps as well as the additional troubleshooting steps below.

  • Try turning the device off and on again, before anything else – with any luck, the error will be fixed with a simple reboot.
  • Update the device you’re using – iPhone or computer for example.
  • Update iTunes to the latest software.
  • Does the error code come with a message including steps to complete?
  • Are there settings or anti-virus software being used which may affect iTunes performance?

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Adding item to library error 9039

As well as experiencing error code 9039 while trying to listen to music, some Apple Music customers also find themselves victim to error 9039 when adding songs to their library.

The best solution, if you find yourself unable to add tracks to your library, is to shut down the device entirely.

Reboot the system and re-open iTunes. If the error persists, contact Apple Support here.

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