The WhatsApp group video call limit has been increased: On par with FaceTime?


WhatsApp is a messaging and VoIP service which launched in 2009.

Over 10 years later, it’s something that many of us use on a daily basis, whether to join in with the group chat or keep up to date with family.

Video calling has become of greater importance in 2020 due to many countries across the world going into lockdown and implementing social distancing measures.

Some apps have increased in popularity due to the need for more entertaining video calling features such as Houseparty while everyday messaging apps such as WhatsApp don’t seem to be able to keep up.

It’s a favourite app for many, so what is the WhatsApp group video call limit in 2020?

whatsapp group video call limit
WhatsApp group video call limit

What is the WhatsApp group video call limit?

Before 2020, the WhatsApp group video call limit was four people. However, as of mid-April you can now enjoy a group call limit of eight.

By the looks of things, WhatsApp – owned by Facebook Inc – is doing its best to keep up with the new surge in video calls.

While some other apps provide interactive features such as Apple’s Animoji or Memoji and Houseparty’s trivia, WhatsApp is still opting for straightforward video calling.

What is the FaceTime group chat limit? How to use on iPhone, iPad and Mac

What is the video call limit for FaceTime?

While WhatsApp is a great video calling option for Android device users, any Apple fans will probably choose FaceTime to keep in touch with friends and family.

The video call limit for FaceTime – if you meet the requirements – is 32 people.

So, there’s a bit more scope with FaceTime to have a virtual group ‘meet up’ or party.

What about Houseparty or Zoom?

While FaceTime already comes as an app on many Apple devices, WhatsApp has to be downloaded before using.

If you’re yet to download a video calling app you may consider, WhatsApp, Zoom or Houseparty.

While Zoom allows you to connect with the most people – up to 100, Houseparty has a maximum of eight participants.

Zoom may be perceived as more of a ‘work’ app, with many businesses operating through the lockdown using Zoom. Houseparty provides more interactive features such as the option of playing games.

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