Everything you need to know about the Panasonic dmr bwt740 – multi region and more!

panasonic dmr bwt740 multi region

Blu-ray first emerged in 2006 and changed the way we watch movies and play games forever.

While DVDs were still the more popular option for a long time, Blu-rays have made their way into almost everyone’s homes.

According to the British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE), in 2018 Blu-ray purchases increased year-on-year, with customers purchasing five or more discs rising from 12% to 13%.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Panasonic dmr bwt740, including multi-region and more!

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Panasonic dmr bwt740: Multi-region

Blu-ray and DVD discs have set region codes – Blu-ray uses letters A, B and C and DVD uses numbers 1-6.

The region code is read by the media player and if it doesn’t match up then, unfortunately, it won’t play.

You can see a map of Blu-ray and DVD region codes here.

If you bought a Blu-ray player in the UK but purchased some Blu-ray discs while on holiday in America, then your disc won’t be compatible.

However, there are some ways around the issue.

Where can I buy a Panasonic dmr bwt740?

The Panasonic dmr bwt740 features recording capability for both Blu-ray and DVD, 1 TB hard drive, the option to pause and rewind live TV, and internet access to Netflix, iPlayer and more. You can see the full spec list here.

Amazon has the Blu-ray player available to purchase online.

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Does the Panasonic dmr bwt740 have a multi-region option?

The Panasonic dmr bwt740 is a 4k Blu-ray Player which provides a multi-region feature.

With any 4K Blu-ray Player, you should be able to watch Blu-rays from all regions.

Standard Blu-ray and DVD players don’t have this benefit and are limited to the region coding of the disc.

There are some ways to override the Blu-ray player to unlock the region coding on Panasonic devices, though.

Option 1: Firstly insert the disc and press the ‘function’ button on your remote control. You should now be given the option to select ‘top menu’, now press ‘OK’. Then repeatedly press the ‘function’ button on your remote.

This should stop the ‘wrong region’ page from appearing, if it does appear it should only be for 1-2 seconds and then disappear.

This process should take you to the function menu again. Next press ‘1’ on your remote, then ‘OK’. Now your Blu-ray should start to play.

Option 2: Alternatively, you can try inserting the disc, press ‘stop’ and then ‘pop-up menu’ on your remote control and the Blu-ray should be ready to watch.


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