Halifax App Is Not Working: Fix Your Mobile Banking With This Guide


Are you concerned there is something wrong with your device, or your Halifax app because it is simply just not working?

We have become accustomed to having our banking accounts right at our fingertips, so when we can’t get onto our mobile banking, we assume we are unable to view our information elsewhere.

With Halifax being one of the main UK banking brands, it’s no surprise that their app may experience issues once in a while, which is why we have created this easy to read directory for you, so you can get your Halifax app back to working properly, and alleviate any stresses it may cause.

Why is my Halifax app not working

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Your Halifax mobile app may not be working due to the app itself being down because of server issues. If this is the case, you will have to wait until Halifax has rectified the issue.

You can check the status of the Halifax app by using this link.

If the bank’s server is operating fine, but your Halifax app is not operating, there are a few possible reasons for this;

Reason 1. There is planned maintenance

If Halifax has arranged work to be done on their app, this will impede the functioning of the Halifax app.

The good thing about this is that Halifax is on top of planning this in advance so their customers can be aware of the site going down for a couple of hours.

You can check not only the service status for the mobile app, but also their online banking and the functioning of certain cards.

Reason 2. Internet connection is down

If your Halifax app is not connected to a stable internet connection, the app will not be able to load up properly due to the network timing out before the app can access the server.

Your Wifi connection or mobile data may be experiencing issues, which would need to be resolved.

Reason 3. Your operating system does not support the app

If the operating system on your device is too old, your Halifax app’s software will not be supported which will interfere with it being able to work.

The minimum operating system for Apple is iOS 12, and Android 2.3.

Reason 4. Your app needs updating

Apps are continuously being updated to get rid of any bugs that have arisen in the software, as well as improve security and performances, specifically for mobile banking apps.

If you are still using the Halifax app that has already been replaced with a newer version, you would need to update this to have the correct data to reach the Halifax server.

Reason 5. Too many users on the app

If there is an excessive amount of Halifax mobile app users accessing the site at the same time, the server may experience difficulty with the overload, resulting in the app malfunctioning.

How do I fix my Halifax online banking

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Fixing your Halifax mobile app is not out of reach and can be done with these possible fixes;

Fix 1. Update your app

With an outdated app being a possible reason for your Halifax app not working, making sure you have an updated app is important for the functioning of your mobile app.

You can check on your app store if there is an ‘Update’ available, if so, click on it so an override will take place over your Halifax app on your device

Fix 2. Check your phone’s software

Your mobile device may be needing a software update if it is not compatible with your app downloaded on your phone.

Check under your ‘Settings’ on your mobile for an outstanding software update, and install it.

Once the update has been completed, you can try accessing your mobile app.

Fix 3. Uninstall and reinstall the app

Removing the Halifax mobile app off of your device is a ‘refresh’ tactic, and aids in removing faulty software off your mobile.

Depending on whether you are on Android or iOS, you can ‘delete’ or ‘uninstall’ the Halifax app. Once this is done, go onto your Playstore and redownload the app.

Fix 4. Reboot your internet connection

Whether you are on Wifi or mobile data, rebooting the connection can sometimes obliterate any faulty connections between your device and the network.

If you are on wifi, turn your router off and unplug it from its plug point. This is known as a ‘power reset’. Wait around a minute or two before plugging it back in, and switching it on.

Once your device has reconnected, you can get onto the Halifax app.

If you are using your mobile data, turn your data off, or restart your mobile. Another trick is to put your phone into airplane mode as this cuts off any connection and will restart the network once you have switched airplane mode off again.

Halifax online banking without app

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If your Halifax app is not working, you are still able to access your accounts by using the online banking system.

You can use this link to get onto their home page, after which, you would click on ‘sign in’ at the top right of the page if you have already registered for their online banking.

If you have yet to register, click here.

So what is the difference between online mobile and internet banking?

They are pretty much the same, allowing you to conduct the same transactions and show the same features, one is just done on your mobile via an app, and the other is through your internet browser.

Which is safer mobile banking or internet banking?

With all the scams and fraudulent activity going around when it comes to online banking, it’s still a concern as to whether or not the mobile banking app is safe or not.

Mobile devices are not as susceptible to viruses as computers are, making online banking that much riskier. As long as your PC is equipped with the correct security software, you should not have to worry about accessing your banking information via your browser.

Mobile banking apps have a pretty good security authentication process which is always a positive when accessing sensitive information on your phone.

It’s safe to say, mobile banking and online banking are both safe, and would depend on the individuals’ preference.


We have come a long way from only being able to access our bank accounts in an actual branch, to now having all our banking information right at our fingertips.

With knowing how vital it is to have your mobile banking app working properly, we hope this guide has assisted you in being able to get into your Halifax app, and that you will now have the knowledge to be able to troubleshoot your app in the future if needed.


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