How To Get Disney Plus On My Older Hisense Smart TV: Tutorial


Are you looking for an answer to how to get Disney Plus on my older Hisense Smart TV? This article will show you how to download, install, and update the Disney app on any old smart TV.

Disney has been producing some of the best content from original classics to recent masterpieces. After the launch of Disney Plus, you can find all the content in one place on demand. But how do you watch it? At Digi Helpdesk, we are happy to guide you through step by step instructions for getting Disney+ on your Hisense or any other older smart TV.

How Do I Install Apps On My Old Hisense TV?

Much like any other smart TV, the old Hisense TV comes with several factory-installed apps. You may like some of these apps but are not be too fond of the others. You can not remove these factory apps as they come by default.

However, you can install new and interesting apps through the Hisense smart TV App Store. To download your favourite app:

  • Make sure that the Hisense TV is connected to the internet
  • Go to the Home screen of your Hisense TV
  • Select the App Store icon
  • Navigate to the Search tab and press OK on your Hisense remote
  • Now the on-screen keyboard is activated
  • Type in the name of your app
  • Use D-pad on your remote to select your desired app
  • Next, press the green button on your remote to add the app to your Hisense TV app list
  • Head back to the Home screen and go to the Apps menu
  • Go to the “View installed apps” and click on the app you downloaded through the App Store
  • Search for your app and select it with the remote
  • Next, select the Install option to install your newly downloaded app
  • Now, signup or login to the app and enjoy watching your favourite programs

Can You Get Disney Plus On An Older Smart TV?

Get Disney plus on your old Hisense smart tv

You can get Disney plus on an older smart TV by simply downloading the Disney+ app from your TV App Store. However, if your smart TV does not offer you the Disney app, you can use different streaming devices to get the Disney app on your older TV.

How Do I Download Disney On My Old Smart TV?

Disney Plus is available on almost all smart TVs. As Disney + was launched in 2019, a few old smart TVs are often not compatible or don’t give access to the Disney+ app. However, you can download the Disney app on your old smart TV in the following ways.

Use Built-in Google Chromecast On Your TV

If your smart TV does not has Disney plus in its App Store, you can use your mobile phone to cast what you’re watching to your TV. A lot of older smart TVs comes with Chromecast by default. This means that you can cast Disney + onto your TV set without having to buy the Chromecast plugin device. To do this:

  • Pick up your mobile device and tap the cast icon in the Disney Plus app
  • Scroll through the list of available devices and select your TV
  • Next, the Disney Plus app will connect to your TV
  • Select any program on your mobile device that you want to watch on the app and your TV will play it

Buy A Streaming Device

If the Disney Plus is unavailable on your old smart TV, you can buy a cheap streaming device such as Roku or Amazon Firestick that can work great with a decent internet connection to give your Disney + on your TV.  You need to plug these streaming devices into the HDMI port of your TV set.

Disney Plus app is available on the Roku library. To get Disney Plus on your Roku streaming device:

  • Turn on the Roku streaming device
  • On the left menu column, select Streaming channels and then select Search Channels
  • Type Disney Plus and then select the Disney app
  • Next, select Add Channel
  • Now select the Disney Plus app from the Home screen and log in with email and password

To get Disney Plus on Amazon Firestick:

  • Use the voice feature on the Firestick remote and say “Disney Plus app”. Select and download the app
  • Alternatively, press the Home button on your Firestick remote and select apps under the menu
  • Now select the Disney Plus app under the streaming apps to download and install it

When the Disney plus app is successfully installed on your Roku or Amazon firestick, use your remote to select the HDMI option and play your favourite Disney programs.

Can You Update An Old Hisense Smart TV?

Modern televisions have built-in computers much like your smartphone or laptop. The computer controls various features on your TV set. Hisense develops and releases built-in computer software known as “Firmware” from time to time. The firmware comes out as an update that unlocks new features such as get you the Disney Plus on your older Hisense smart TV.

The updates can be applied to your older Hisense smart TV set if it supports internet connectivity. However, Hisense does not offer automatic Firmware updates. You need to manually go to the settings to download and install the latest updates. To check for the latest updates on your old Hisense Smart TV:

  • Turn on your Hisense smart TV and hit the Settings button on the remote control
  • Navigate to the “All” option through the arrow keys and then select the “About” section
  • Next, select the System update feature
  • Finally, press the Detect button to let the TV check for the latest updates and install them

Older Hisense TV sets that do not support internet connectivity need to be taken to the Hisense customer support. The Hisense support staff can install the new firmware updates through the USB stick on your TV.


We hope that this guide helped you find a way to how to get Disney Plus on my older Hisense smart TV. If none of the methods works for you, plug an HDMI cable into your Hisense TV and connect it to your laptop or computer. Now you can play your TV shows directly from the Disney Plus web browser.


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