Mobile Phone Won’t Connect to Hotel wifi: How To Get Connected


There are various reasons your mobile phone won’t connect to your hotel wifi, varying from security issues to the type of browser or device you are using. By following our step by step guide to helping you gain access to your hotel’s wifi, you will be online in no time.

Phone won't connect to hotel wifi

How to connect to my hotel’s Wi-Fi

If you’re unsure how to get on to your hotel’s internet to begin, you simply need the wifi name and the password.

Usually, these details are provided in a welcome pack; however, they can also quickly provide you with these details if you contact reception.

Like any other new network, you need to go on settings > Wi-Fi > other networks > click the wifi name and enter the password. Following this, you may be directed to a pop-up page that requires you to sign in to access the wifi. Usually, this page requires your basic info and often your hotel room number.

Hotel wifi not redirecting to login page

If you are unable to access the login page for the hotel wifi, this can cause problems with getting online. As without the login page, it is unlikely you will be able to gain access. But not to worry, we have the steps to help you resolve your issues and get you online in no time.

Restart the device 

The most straightforward fix for not being redirected is to restart your device. Close all of your tabs down, then restart your device. However, if this doesn’t work, below are some technical fixes to redirect to your login page.

Choosing a secure network

Often with the hotel (and public wifi), it will advise that the connection is not secure. So trying to connect to it may seem scary, and some devices may not even allow it. Connecting to a secure network connection should fix the issue. But to gain access to this, you will need to connect directly to the router. In order to do this, you will need a wifi password. Contact reception/the owner and ask for this password. If you are unable to get the password, check out the next step.

DNS servers 

If you have your DNS set up, an Open DNS or Google DNS, you need to switch these off before continuing. This may be the cause of your login issues. Simply head to your phone’s settings, access internet settings followed by the network. Next, click the network you want to connect to and press the properties button. You should then choose the automatic IP address button, which will be reset to the default server. Then turn off your wifi toggle and turn it back on, then your internet should reconnect.

Default Page of Router 

Still, struggling to access the log in page? Not to worry, there are still more steps to attempt this. The next one is forcing the browser to open the page you require. To do this step, you need to open a web browser and type in or Once you’ve done this, the page should open.

Phone won't connect to wifi


iPhone won’t connect to hotel wifi login page

The Captive Portal doesn’t load

When attempting to access public/hotel wifi on your iPhone, a different screen will usually pop up asking you to accept T&Cs. Alongside asking you to enter your details. However, sometimes this doesn’t work. Without the Captive Portal (the pop-up screen), you cannot access the wifi, so here are some steps to take to go around this.

Step 1- As you would any other time you are connecting to the internet, click on settings > Wi-Fi and open Wi-Fi.

Step 2 – If you are greeted with a page advising your browser cannot open the page on Safari. Try to type in into the search bar instead.

Please note this will only work on safari as opposed to other browsers such as Chrome.

If this does not trigger the authentication page, you may need the IP.

How to get the IP address on iPhone

If you cannot get the authentication page to load, you may need to load the login page manually using the IP. To get router IP, you need to do the following:

  • iPhone settings > WiFi > tap on the ‘i’ of selected network > Next screen DCHP tab > Router IP

Using the IP address to gain access

Next, you need to copy the IP address into the search bar on Safari, then click enter. Doing this will then load the Wi-Fi provider’s authentication page, where you can sign up as you would normally.

Won't connect to internet

How to fix captive portal login on android

A captive portal login is used to gain authentication for an open network such as hotel wifi. This is usually used for signing up and agreeing to the terms of the WiFi. However, without this pop-up, you will be unable to access the open WiFi. Although it may seem complex to get the captive portal to work, usually it can be fixed by:

  • Selecting the forget network option
  • Restart your device
  • Connecting to another network than trying to connect again
  • Clear cookies on web browser

Are you receiving the EE error code 28? Here’s how to fix the texting error.  

Cannot connect to Travelodge wifi

It is worth noting that you only get 30 mins free access per day, and if you’re looking for additional wifi time, you will need to pay for this. Making being unable to connect even more frustrating. You can add extra wifi time whilst booking your hotel or at a later date.

Each Wifi code only allows two devices, meaning any additional ones will be unable to connect. View more information about this here.

Travelodge has a partnership with Virgin Media so that the hotel will direct you to Virgin any issues with your wifi. You can contact Virgin Media on 0330 660 1141, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We hope this helps, and if you’re looking for further advice about getting onto your Hotel Wi-Fi, we’d be more than happy to help with this.


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