How to reformat your Sky+ boxes’ hard drive and reboot the whole system


After years of enjoying Sky TV, it’s quite common to find that your Sky Box storage is completely full—it’s almost expected with the abundance of content readily available.

Thankfully, you can easily reformat or reset your Sky+ box using Sky Planner Rebuild and/or Factory Reset.

Whether you need to complete a reboot of the whole system or you simply want a blank slate. It’s effortless to reformat your Sky+ Box’s hard drive and start afresh. 

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What will a planner rebuild do to my Sky+ box?

If you’re wanting to re-boot your Sky box but need to keep your stored settings and recordings then we’d advise completing a Planner Rebuild.

  1. Press the Services button.
  2. Choose option 4 – System Setup.
  3. Press the 0, 1 and Select buttons on your Sky remote control.
  4. This should take you to the Installer Setup menu.
  5. Choose option 7 – Sky Planner Rebuild.
  6. Select Sky Planner Rebuild and wait until the system message ‘Housekeeping please wait’ has gone and the system has restarted.
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How to reformat your Sky+ box

Reformatting your Sky+ box should only be used as a last resort, as all your storage including your recording will be destroyed. If you would like to factory reset your Sky+ box then:

  1. Click the Services button on your remote.
  2. Press 001 on your remote then the select button.
  3. This will take you to the Setup window.
  4. Click across to System Reset and select.
  5. A ‘For your information’ box will appear and display ‘Housekeeping please wait’
  6. Your box will now reset and reboot by completing a planner rebuild and factory reset on your box.
  7. The box will be wiped like new.

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Can you format a Sky+ hard drive?

Yes. A Sky box hard drive can be completely wiped by carrying out a system or factory reset. However, if you still wish to keep your chosen settings, series links and recorded programmes then we’d advise always completing a Planner Rebuild first.

Reformatting your Sky+ box should be a last resort, if you’re experiencing issues with playback on your Sky box, you should always complete some basic checks first:

  • Check all your wiring is correctly linked up
  • Ensure that your box and TV are powered on 
  • Check if your Broadband is working


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