MLB TV Not Working On Roku: How To Fix Your App In 5 Steps


Is your MLB TV not working on your Roku device?

Have you checked to make sure your Roku is operating on the latest system version? If not, outdated firmware can be a cause for your MLB app to experience issues.

Is your MLB.TV screen blacked out? This will happen when a local game is being played, and the TV broadcaster has preferential rights to show it.

A simple update of the app and a refresh of your internet connection can help fix the MLB TV error.

We have created this straightforward guide to explain why MLB TV is not working on your Roku and expand on all the possible solutions that will help fix this streaming issue, so you can get back to watching your Major League Baseball games without any further interferences.

Why is my MLB TV not working on Roku?

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Major League Baseball TV won’t work on your Roku if there is an outstanding system update on your device. For MLB to work without any issues, the platform from which you launch the streaming service needs to be operating on the latest software available. This will prevent your device from kicking you out of MLB.TV, or experiencing playback issues.

if your device is already on the latest system version, the MLB TV not working on your Roku could be due to the following;

1. Network connection error

If your Roku is connected to the wrong network, or your internet connection is experiencing problems, this can cause MLB TV to start to buffer, freeze or lag.

MLB.TV requires at least 3Mbps bandwidth to be able to stream high-quality content. If it’s anything lower, you will receive a standard image display.

For an HD display, MLB TV recommends 5Mbps.

2. MLB application data is full

Application data can be otherwise known as ‘cache files’. This data will download onto your Roku every time you launch MLB.TV.

Over some time, these files can become too full, or end up being corrupt which can cause MLB TV to not work when you attempt to stream a game.

3. Roku model not supported

Older Roku models will not support the MLB TV app.

Other Roku holders that have experienced the same issue, have advised that they were trying to watch their MLB app off a Roku 2 XS, which ended up being incompatible.

(Did you know, in 2021 the MLB.TV streaming platform performed 10.5 billion minutes of game consumption. This was the most-watched it has ever been since the service was launched in 2002).

4. Outdated MLB app

Your Major League Baseball TV app could be due for an update. If you keep the app running on an outdated version, the software will start to conflict with the MLB server.

Your request to access the database may get rejected due to your app containing expired information.

5. MLB.TV server is down

If the MLB.TV server is down, you won’t be able to broadcast games on your Roku device. This problem can occur if there’s been an outage, or maintenance work is being completed.

You can check the MLB service status to confirm whether or not your MLB subscription is not working due to an issue on your side or not.

How do I fix MLB TV not working on Roku?

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Update the system software on your Roku device to ensure the MLB TV app will work. To complete a firmware update on your smart TV, open ‘Settings’ followed by ‘System’. From here, you should be able to select ‘System Update’. To confirm you want to proceed, press ‘Check Now’. Once the system update is finished, launch MLB TV to see if it works.

Make sure you restart your Roku before you open MLB.TV to ensure the upgrade software has been refreshed.

If this does not fix your MLB TV from not working, you can proceed with the following solutions;

1. Power reset internet connection

A power reset on your Wifi router will refresh your network connection, and help improve your internet speeds.

Unplug your modem from the wall socket and wait no less than a minute to connect it again. Be sure to switch your router off before you complete this step.

Test your bandwidth speed to confirm you are receiving an adequate amount to broadcast from Major League baseball TV.

2. Clear MLB TV application data

You won’t be able to clear only the application data from MLB TV on your Roku device. You can, however, erase all cache files currently stored on your TV through the use of your Roku remote.

Step 1. From the main menu, click on the ‘Home’ button

Step 2. With your remote control press the following button sequence;

  • Home X5
  • Up X1
  • Rewind X2
  • Fast Forward X2

Allow your Roku to complete the process. It should automatically restart.

3. Upgrade the Roku model

If your Roku model does not support the MLB TV app, you will need to upgrade to a newer version.

The firmware on your Roku TV should be at 9.4, otherwise, your MLB subscription will not work.

4. Update MLB TV app

Your Roku should update the MLB TV app automatically by completing a download overnight, as long as it is connected to your network.

If you want to make sure your streaming service has successfully been installed, you will need to remove the MLB channel off of your device and reinstall it.

Why does my MLB app keep stopping?

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Your MLB app will keep stopping if you do not have enough bandwidth to stream videos online. If you want to watch high-quality games over MLB TV, you will need at least 5Mbps. A poor internet connection will prevent the service from obtaining this system requirement.

If you have multiple devices connected to your network while you are active on MLB, this can cause ‘throttling’ issues.

It’s advised to disconnect any devices that do not need to be connected to Wifi while you stream over the app.

Your MLB.TV will keep stopping when it needs to buffer. Buffering issues transpire when the app has been unable to download the necessary amount of data before you launch a game. It will need to stop to download more data to proceed with the stream.

To help prevent your MLB TV from not working on your Roku, you should reset your Wifi router, and contact your network service provider if this is an ongoing issue.

Why is my MLB TV game blacked out?

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Your MLB TV game will be blacked out if you cannot verify on your subscription that you have a valid cable or video service provider. This will happen because a live TV channel will have exclusive broadcasting rights over the MLB TV app, specifically if the game is being played by a local broadcaster.

This is because they will have priority to show a game over television, compared to a national broadcaster.

Another reason why your Major League Baseball game will be blacked out on the app is because it is a way to get more fans into the stadium to attend the game live.

How do I get around blackout restrictions?

You can get around the blackout restriction on MLB TV by making use of a VPN.

If you access your MLB TV through a VPN, it will keep your network private and secure. If you choose the correct server location, the MLB app will not recognize that you are from a region that does not have broadcasting rights for the baseball game.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope we were able to help you understand why your MLB TV was not working on your Roku device, and that one of the solutions provided has fixed this issue for you.

If you’ve tried all five methods and you are still experiencing problems, we suggest you contact MLB.TV directly.

You can email them, or make use of their virtual assistant. You can also check out their help centre to see if you can resolve your query online.


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