Pixel 4A Random Notification Sound: 5 Easy Fixes For Alerts


Does your Pixel 4A make a random notification sound, even when there is nothing coming through on your screen?

Do you use your Google mobile to perform wireless card transactions? If the NFC app is in use on your phone, this is known to be one of the main causes of your Pixel to make an alert sound.

A dirty charging port can sometimes confuse your smart device into thinking a power cable is connected. This will result in your Pixel making the charging noise.

A change in sound settings, or app preferences can help stop this sound error from occurring.

We have generated this simple guide to help you understand why your Pixel 4A will make a random notification sound, and what methods will rectify this problem on your mobile.

Why is my Pixel 4A making random notification sounds?

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Your Pixel 4A will make a random notification sound every time it tries to connect to a Bluetooth device. If the Bluetooth connection between your mobile and device is weak, or the distance between the two is too much, your Pixel will keep trying to establish a successful connection. 

Other causes for this random notification alert on your Pixel include;

1. NFC app-enabled

The NFC (near-field communication) app is the program that automatically initiates a connection between your mobile and a wireless payment device (card machine) when your Pixel is near the device.

Every time your 4A is in this zone, your phone will make a notification sound.

Note, that this will also occur if you have paired your Pixel mobile to any other electronic device that allows you to take instructions from your phone. Eg; printer.

2. Problematic USB port

If the Pixel 4A random notification sound is similar to that of a charging alert, the port on your mobile could be damaged or contain too much dust/debris.

This can cause your device to falsely recognize a charging cable.

3. Software error

The operating system on your device could contain corrupt files which are affecting the performance of your Pixel 4A.

4. Faulty app

A faulty app on your mobile could keep making a notification sound due to a problem with its files installed on your device.

How to fix Pixel 4A random notification sound

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Turn your Bluetooth off on your Pixel 4A to stop it from trying to connect to a Bluetooth enabled device. This will block the auto connection between the two devices. Only switch your Bluetooth on when you are due to pair with a device, and in close proximity. You should only then experience a single notification sound. 

Other methods you can follow to fix your Pixel 4A from making a random notification sound include;

1. Disable the NFC app

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Connected Devices’

Step 3. Select ‘Connection Preferences’ followed by ‘NFC’

Step 4. Toggle this ‘Off’

Keep in mind, that once this feature is off, you won’t be able to use your Pixel 4A to complete a wireless card transaction.

2. Clean USB port

If your USB port is dirty, this may cause your Pixel 4A to incorrectly pick up a charging cable and keep making the charging alert sound.

You can clear out the port by blowing air into it or using an air blower.

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3. Update Pixel 4A firmware

Upgrade your Pixel 4A’s system software to ensure your phone operates on the latest available version.

This will improve your phone’s performance and get rid of any corrupt files that may be causing your Pixel 4A to make a random notification sound.

4. View notification log

If there is a specific app installed on your device that is creating problems on your device, you can check to see which program it is by opening the notification log.

Step 1. Press down on the ‘Home’ screen

Step 2. Launch ‘Widgets’

Step 3. Click on ‘Settings Shortcut’

Step 4. Select ‘Notifications log’

You will be able to see here which app is continuously notifying you. To rectify this problem you can uninstall and reinstall the application.

5. Update app preferences

Other Pixel 4A owners who have experienced this very problem have reported that when they reset their app preferences, it got rid of the random alert sound.

Step 1. Access ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Apps and Notifications’

Step 3. Select ‘See all Apps’

Step 4. Press the ‘three dots’ and press ‘Reset App Preferences’

Once this step is done, you can go back and amend any specific app.

How do I turn off notification sounds in Pixel 4A?

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Access the settings tab on your Pixel 4A to turn notifications off on your mobile. This will need to be  changed on each individual app. Keep in mind, when this setting has been updated, you will not get an alert as soon as a notification comes through from an app or function feature. 

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Notifications’ followed by ‘App Settings’

Step 3. Find ‘Most Recent’ to choose an app that has just notified you

Step 4. Turn the notification setting off

If you still want to receive notifications, but not be alerted for them, you can set your Pixel 4A device to stay silent;

If you have a pending notification;

Step 1. Swipe the top of your screen down

Step 2. Press down on the notification

Step 3. Select ‘Silent’

Step 4. Confirm this by pressing ‘Apply’

Tip, you can put your Google Pixel phone on silent if you want to temporarily mute your Pixel 4A.

Pixel keeps making charging sound

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Your Pixel will keep making the charging sound if the sound setting for this feature has been enabled on your Google mobile. With this configuration, your mobile will notify you every time you place your phone on charge. You can disable this setting so no audio will come through.

Other Pixel users have also stated that their mobile will display the charging icon when the sound comes through even when their phone is not connected to a charging cable.

To turn this setting off, simply go into ‘Settings > Sounds > Advanced Settings > Disable sound settings for charging sounds and vibrations’.

A faulty operating system on your Pixel 4A as well as a dirty charging port can cause this audio issue on your device.


With this straightforward guide, we hope you were able to follow all the reasons why your Pixel 4A will make a random notification sound, and that you were able to stop this issue with one the six easy fixes provided.

You may have a hardware issue with your Google mobile if this sound problem persists even after you have tried all methods.

We recommend you first utilise the Google Pixel Help Center for an immediate solution. if this page does not help, you can contact them directly


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