WoW Error Codes: What They Mean And How To Fix Them


Have you recently experienced a World of Warcraft malfunction, and now you’re wondering what the WoW error codes are?

There are multiple different errors that your game can experience. These codes will vary depending on what the issue is with your Warcraft account.

If Blizzard has a server issue, your screen may display the WoW51900319 error.

With this guide, we will expand on what the most common WoW error codes are, and what causes them. We will also provide you with simple fixes that you will be able to execute on your device, which should solve any one of the War of Warcraft error codes listed.

What are the WoW error codes?

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The most common World of Warcraft error code is the WoW51900319. This code will appear on your screen when your game has lost its connection to the Warcraft server. The error will be accompanied by the message; ‘You have been disconnected from the server’. If your device does not have access to the WoW server, you won’t be able to reach the database. 

The other frequent Wow error codes that players experience are;

1. WoW51900118

The Wow51900118 is an error code that will appear when World of Warcraft disconnects on your device.

This WoW error code will occur when Blizzard schedules maintenance work on their server.

2. WoW51900314

Error code WoW51900314 will transpire if has recognized suspicious activity on your account, and has taken further action to lock your account.

When you try and log in to your profile, the WoW error code 51900314 should include the message;

  • Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. A message has been sent to this account’s email address containing details on how to resolve this issue.’

3. WoW51900101

This WoW error code will stop you from being able to establish a secure connection when you’re in the middle of the game.

It will disconnect you from the World of Warcraft server and stop you from being able to reconnect.

4. WoW51900312

WoW51900312 will transpire if you connect to the incorrect Warsong realm.

When this happens, it will block you from logging in to your profile.

5. WoW51900328

This error will appear after patching has taken place, and will disconnect you from your realm.

What causes a WoW error code?

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The cause of the WoW error code 51900319 is due to an offline World of Warcraft server. This can be a result of an unexpected server issue, or, the Blizzard technicians have maintenance work to complete. If there is a lag on the server, this will also cause your game to disconnect if it times out before the WoW database can process your request.

An additional cause for the WoW error code 51900319 is if your network is experiencing a latency issue. A slow internet connection can interfere with your game reaching the World of Warcraft database in time, and therefore, disconnect from the server.

A weak network connection can be the cause for not only the WoW51900319 error but for many of the other codes too.

Besides poor internet, the most common catalysts for the WoW error codes include;

1. Faulty game data

If the game files on your device are damaged, it can create issues when you try and play World of Warcraft.

Corrupt game data can occur from a faulty software update, or after you scan your device’s system.

2. Enabled anti-virus program

Do you make use of anti-virus software on your device? This program can sometimes interfere with World of Warcraft, and block your game from having access to the internet.

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3. Corrupt cache files

Every time you launch World of Warcraft, cache files will download onto your device. This is to quicken the processing time and improve the game’s performance.

Over time, however, these files can become corrupt, and instigate one of the WoW error codes the next time you come to open your game.

4. Outdated graphics driver

An outdated graphics driver on your device has been known to be the cause for the WoWs51900314 error.

Your GPU (graphics processing unit) should always be up to date to ensure there are no issues when World of Warcraft is open.

How to fix WoW error codes

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If the World of Warcraft server is down, you won’t be able to do anything to fix this. You will be able to check the server status of the game to confirm whether or not the problem is on Blizzard’s side, or your device. If the site confirms the WoW server is offline, you will need to be patient until the issue gets fixed. 

If World of Warcraft is functioning properly, you can fix the WoW error codes by executing one or a few of the following solutions;

1. Refresh your network connection

A weak internet connection can play a big part in a WoW error code to occur.

Restart your Wifi router to refresh your network. Unplug the modem to ensure all power gets drained. This will force the device to re-establish a connection to your network service provider.

Tip, check out your internet speed to ensure you’re receiving an adequate amount of bandwidth to play online.

2. Update background FPS to 30

This solution is particular to the WoW51900319 error code.

Step 1. With World of Warcraft open, press ‘ESC’ followed by ‘System’

Step 2. Press ‘Advanced’

Step 3. From the options provided, select ‘Max Background FPS’

Step 4. Change the slider to be set on ’30’

Exit out of WoW and relaunch the game.

3. Reset user interface

A reset of the user interface will help fix any corrupt files.

Step 1. Make sure you exit out of WoW

Step 2. Uninstall any addon managers you may have active

Step 3. Launch and click on ‘Options’

Step 4. From here, press ‘Show in Explorer’

Step 5. Double click on War of Warcraft and open the game folder that has the error code issue

You will now need to find the folders ‘Cache’, ‘WTF’ and ‘Interface’. Rename these to include ‘Old’ at the end.

Once this is done, open and WoW again.

4. Disable anti-virus program

If there is a current anti-virus program that is active,  you should disable this to make sure it does not block World of Warcraft’s access to the internet.

Once you have turned this off, restart your device and relaunch the game to see you still incur one of the WoW error codes.

5. Update graphics driver

It’s important to make sure you update your graphics driver to the latest available version. Your PC should automatically complete this upgrade along with its operating system update

If you’re unsure, you can check this in the ‘Device Manager’ section on your PC.

From here, you will be able to right-click on your graphics driver, and select ‘Update’.

How to unlock my World of Warcraft account

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If the WoW51900314 error code has appeared on your screen when you try and log in to your World of Warcraft account, you will need to reset your password to regain access to your profile. You can update your password through the use of this link. Remember to keep a note of what your new credentials are.

If you’re able to log into WoW through, you should be able to update your password under the ‘My Account’ tab.

For more serious cases, where you’re unable to recover your account because you don’t have access to your email address, you can contact Blizzard directly.

They do recommend that you connect your mobile number to your account, so you can receive a code sent by text to unlock your account.


Now that know what the most common WoW error codes are, you can act accordingly with the solutions we have provided in this guide.

If you need to contact Blizzard regarding your World of Warcraft account, you can make use of their online help page. Here, you will also be able to check out if there’s any scheduled maintenance that has been planned.


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