HTC U20 Keeps Making Notification Sound: Easy Steps To Fix


If your HTC U20 keeps making a notification sound, you may have the emergency alert feature turned on. This alerts you every time there is a safety warning unless you disable the setting.

Another reason why your HTC will make a noise is if the NFC (near field communication) app is enabled. This will notify you when you are near a wireless transaction device. Besides a card payment machine, if you have paired your mobile to a printer, this can also cause an alert.

A change in notification settings will help stop your HTC from making a noise.

We have created this easy to follow guide to help you understand why your HTC U20 keeps making a notification sound, and what methods you can execute on your mobile to fix this sound issue, so you can stop being disturbed with unnecessary alerts.

Why does my HTC U20 keep making notification sound?

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If you have enabled the NFC (near field communication) app on your mobile, your HTC U20 will keep making a notification sound every time it comes into contact with a contactless payment device. If you have enabled your card details on your phone, it will automatically notify you when it thinks you want to complete a transaction.

This can also include an electronic device that you have paired your phone with to perform certain actions, like a printer.

Other reasons why your HTC U20 is making alert sounds include;

1. Faulty app

If you have an app installed on your device that is faulty from corrupt software, it may be continuously making a notification sound for no specific reason.

There may have been an error when the program was first downloaded onto your HTC U20.

2. Emergency alerts

If the emergency alerts feature is enabled on your HTC U20, your mobile will make a notification sound every time there is a safety warning in your area.

3. App permissions

When you give one of the programs on your HTC U20 permissions, it will allow the app to access data features such as the storage on your mobile, or its location.

Your HTC U20 will keep making a notification sound if an app is running out of storage space.

4. Hardware error

Your U20 device may have a hardware malfunction. This can transpire when the phone was manufactured, or if you recently dropped it.

A result of this type of issue can be your HTC mobile keeps making an alert sound when there is no new notification on your device.

How to fix HTC U20 keeps making notification sound

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If you disable the NFC (near field communication) app, your HTC U20 will no longer keep making the notification sound when it comes into the range of a wireless transaction device.  Once this feature has been switched off, your phone will no longer automatically detect a contactless payment method. 

To turn this function off, simply;

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘More’ followed by ‘Wireless and Networks’

Step 3. Press ‘NFC’

Step 4. Toggle this to ‘Off’ 

Select ‘OK’ to confirm you want to disable the NFC.

Other solutions you can execute on your HTC U20 to get rid of the continuous alert sound include;

1. Uninstall and reinstall app

To first find out which application is the culprit for your HTC U20 to keep making a notification sound, you can download a program from your Play Store that will provide you with your notification history.

An example of such an app is Notification History.

Once you know which app is causing the error, uninstall and reinstall it back on your mobile.

Tip, restart your HTC before you download it again to make sure you erase all remaining data.

2. Disable emergency alerts

Once you disable the emergency alerts on your mobile, you will no longer be alerted when there is a safety concern in your area.

Step 1. From your main menu screen, click on ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Apps and Notifications’ followed by ‘Advanced Settings’

Step 3. Press ‘Wireless Emergency Alerts’

You should now be able to turn the alerts off for each option provided. If this step does not stop the notification sound on your mobile, we suggest you turn this feature back on.

3. Turn app permissions off

This step will stop your selected apps from having access to storage, location and any other data on your mobile.

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Go to ‘Apps and Notifications’

Step 3. Click on ‘Advanced’

Step 4. Press ‘Permissions Manager’

You will now be able to go through each data type and see which apps have access. Click on an app to ‘Deny’ it. Keep in mind, that once this has been updated, the programs will have limited functionality and may interfere with their performance.

4. Troubleshoot device

If you have a hardware issue with your HTC U20, you may need to send it in to get repaired. For more information on this process, you can read through HTC’s repair guide.

How to clear cache on HTC U20 Pro

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You can clear the cache files on your HTC U20 by going; ‘Settings > Apps > Choose App > Storage > Clear Cache > Confirm’. This step will help free up memory space on your mobile and get rid of any faulty files that have been downloaded into the internal storage of your HTC. 

When the cache files on your device are too full, it will interfere with the overall performance and could be a reason why your HTC U20 keeps making a notification sound. Specifically, if your apps have permission to access the storage data.

If your HTC U20 is still making alert sounds, you may need to complete a factory reset on your device, however, you will need to perform a backup first.

How to backup my HTC phone

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You should back up your system files to a Google Drive. This can be done by going; ‘Settings > Google > Back-Up > Toggle on Back Up to Google Drive’. Using Google Drive is a safer option to always ensure you will have a copy of your data once you perform a factory reset, or your HTC U20 gets wiped.

You can also complete a backup on your HTC device without the use of a third-party program. To do this, simply go; ‘Settings > About the Device > Backup and Restore > Mobile Device > Tick each data option > Create a Backup’

This backup will stay in your U20’s memory, and you should be able to restore all the data onto the device under settings.

Once you’ve backed up your mobile’s information, you can perform the factory reset to help stop your HTC U20 from making the notification sound;

How to factory reset HTC U20

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’ 

Step 2. Click on ‘System’ followed by ‘Advanced’

Step 3. Choose ‘Reset Options’

Step 4. Select ‘Erase all Data’

Confirm you want to go ahead with this step. Once the reset has been complete, restore your files and make sure your device is no longer making the notification sound.


We hope this guide has helped you understand why your HTC U20 keeps making a notification sound, and that you were able to fix this sound issue with one of the five simple solutions provided.

If, however, the issue persists even after a factory reset, we recommend you contact HTC directly. You can make use of their support guide where you will be able to troubleshoot your device and track your repair status if you need to send it in to be fixed.


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