Why My Lenovo Laptop Is Making Noise: 7 Reasons


In the 21st century, laptops have become an inevitable part of our daily life. Thousands of people use Lenovo laptops on a daily basis, as they are known for high utility. One small noise from your laptop could force you to ask yourself: Why my Lenovo laptop is making a noise? 

Lenovo is a Chinese-American multinational technology company that designs, produces, and markets consumer electronics, personal computers, software, business solutions, and related services. This manufacturer’s laptop is generally reliable, but it may produce some noise.

You are more likely to become annoyed by noisy laptops. This article explains why my Lenovo laptop is making noise and how to fix it. A multitude of factors could be considered to come up with a solution.

Why Does My Lenovo Laptop Make Noise?

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Lenovo is a well-known brand, and their laptops are excellent, yet you may come across consumers who complain, “My Lenovo laptop is making noise.” If this is the case, you should be informed of the causes of the problem and how to resolve it. This problem can be induced by a variety of minor factors, but prolonged exposure to those factors may result in major consequences. The following are some plausible explanations.

Maybe it’s Overheating 

We often use laptops for an extended period, which causes overheating issues because you are running too many programs simultaneously. Due to this, your fan will move at a higher speed to cool down the CPU. This process will result in your Lenovo laptop making noise. Place your laptop on a stable, flat surface, such as a table or desk, to avoid this problem.

Dust or Air Particles Might Cause This

The most common reason behind the noise is dust. Typically, dust came in the air vents of fans, thus blocking them and making them noisy. Moreover, it makes your laptop’s overall performance slow. 

Unnecessary programs Could Throttle Your CPU

If you open many programs simultaneously, that can also be a reason for the noise. Running too many programs simultaneously can lead your laptop to overheat, which leads to noise production.

A Clogged or Broken Cooling Fan Could Be the Culprit

When a cooling fan gets old, it does not run smoothly and produces a buzzing sound. That could be because of dust or fan bearings worn out, resulting in the replacement of the fan. Air cannot reach the laptop due to blockages in the air vents. As a result, running some background software may cause your laptop to overheat and make unusual noises.

Failing or Bad Hard Drive Can Be Another fault

Problems in the hard drive may also lead the system to make a quiet whistling sound. When hard drives installed in your computer have gone wrong or are about to fail, your Lenovo laptop may make a buzzing sound because the memory sticks cannot construct solid and proper connections with the other laptop components.

Check Your Power Supply or Modem 

If your device has some power supply issue, it can also lead to a “my Lenovo laptop is making noise” issue. Connecting your laptop with a modem or other devices may also cause various dangerous threats, including this particular one. 

Malware Can Cause All Sorts of Damage

It is an intrusive program that damages and destroys computers and computer systems. As a result, essential system files are corrupted, the PC cannot function normally, and many installed apps and drivers are not functioning. Viruses or malware present on a compromised PC can also cause such issues.

How To Fix my Lenovo Laptop making noise?

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As mentioned earlier, it is not a cause of concern if it remains checked timely. You should avoid the things which cause it. But, if you find this concern, it is easy to fix this by following the steps.

  • When your laptop is overheated, just restart the computer after some time, and it will stop or use a cooling pad.
  • You should take the laptop to the service to get the dust removed. Make sure to get rid of it by blowing air vents off the fan.
  • Close all the programs or windows that are irrelevant or unnecessary, and reduce the brightness to quiet the fan.
  • BIOS update and power manager (if BIOS/EC thermal control logic has issues)

You should follow the instructions given below if it becomes severe.

Start With Malware Removal

It is recommended to use reimage to remove malware from your laptop. Scan the entire machine to remove all hazardous infections and viruses. Both manually and automatically can be done. The “Manual” process requires great attention, and you must be highly skilled with computers and technology. For this reason, we strongly advise you to use the “Automatic” procedure. For this function, Reimage antimalware software can be used.

Update the Laptop’s Windows Version

The new and up-to-date window can also help you to solve this problem. Updated and bug’s fixed version allows you to use your Lenovo laptop with minimum noise. Moreover, you can also use third-party software to improve the fan speed and laptop function. 

Clean or Replace the Defective Fan

You can clean your laptop with compressed air without disassembling it. This is a cheap, readily available method of cleaning a laptop of dust and debris without disassembling it. Also, there is an option of replacing your existing laptop fan with a new one with the help of an expert.

Keep an Eye on Fan speed

You can also control your laptop’s fan speed by using drivers and windows. That should be done when you think fan speed is higher than average.

  • Go to my computer
  • Go to system properties
  • Check system types, e.g., 64bit or 32bit
  • Install hardware info of your system type
  • Run it and open the yellow color centers tab.
  • Scroll down to the CPU fan speed and adjust it to normal.

Power Saving Mode Should Be On

Turn on power-saving mode. That will limit your CPU usage and will allow your laptop to run smoothly cooler without using much cooling fan

To do that:

  •   Type power setting in the search bar.
  •   Click on additional power at the bottom.
  •   Click existing power plan (power saver).

Improve the Position of Laptop While Using it

Another simple method to remove your laptop’s noise is using it on a flat surface with proper ventilation. That can help in proper air flowing through the laptop, which prevents overheating, eventually resulting in low or no voices. 


We have listed all the possible causes and methods to fix the problem, “my Lenovo laptop is making noise.” We hope that your situation has been solved in the ways mentioned above. If still, your Lenovo laptop is making noise, then you should probably seek the assistance of an expert for repair or servicing. 


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