Why My PS5 Keeps Making Clicking Noise: Solutions


Sony designed PS5 to offer non-stop entertainment for gamers. If your PS5 keeps making clicking noise, you might have a habit of playing long hours. There can be many reasons that could lead a PS5 to make these annoying clicking noises. 

The pandemic has forced many people to stay indoors for a long time, and PS5 offers an escape. PS5 offers exclusive games with high-quality audio and decreased loading time. The fact that these consoles can run into errors makes them less attractive.  

If your PS5 has a habit of making weird clicking noises, it means that there is something wrong with the fan or the console has overheated. To resolve this issue, we have a step-by-step guide that is easy to understand and implement. 

Why Does PS5 Keeps Making Clicking Noise?

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To find out the problem behind the annoying noise, you need to check every console part to make sure everything is in its place. If you have a brand new PS5, it should not be making any noise. 

You will have to send your PS5 for repairs if your PS5 surpasses its warranty period. Here are the reasons that lead to clicking noises in your PS5. 

Cramped Console

If you have placed the console at a place where its outlets are not properly ventilated, it might start making noises. You will significantly limit your PS5’s ability to air circulate air by placing it in a corner of your room. Due to the lack of air, the fan starts working at a higher speed than it usually does. As a result, the fan starts making clicking noises. 

Make sure the PS5 console is placed in a properly ventilated place. Keep a 10-centimetre distance vacant area on all four sides of the console. If it is possible to set the PS5 console in another location, move it to a spacious area of the room. Start your PS5 and check if it’s making a clicking noise. If the noise stops, the problem is a lack of space. 

Incorrect Installation

When one or more components of the PS5 console are not correctly connected, it may cause friction between the parts of the machine. This friction can cause clicking noises in PS5. The incorrect cord installations can cause sparks and damage your PS5. In such as case, the system overheats, and you hear a clicking noise because of the fan’s speed. 

Check all the entry points of the PS% console. The cable connection should be appropriate and each plug should go into the right socket. . If a socket is loose, it is better to replace it than get a whole new PS5. 

A Voltage Problem Could Cause Your PS5 to Make Clicking Noise

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If you face voltage problems in your home, they will affect the working of your PS5 console. A sudden high voltage can cause damage to the fan and other parts of the PS5, which might be the reason behind PS5 making clicking noises. The fluctuating current interferes with the functioning of the fan, and it starts speeding or slowing down. 

Consult an expert to check the incoming voltage in your PS5. If there are problems with wiring or switchboards, replace them with new ones or ask for repairs. 

Loose Wires Can Cause Internal Short Circuits

Loose wires are a security hazard. If you have any wires coming out of your PS5 console, it’s a sign of damage. The fans inside the PS5 are the first thing that gets damaged due to loosely connected wires. The wires inside the console can also become overheated and melt, causing functional problems. 

Fix all the loose wires and check to see if they can be removed or replaced. It is essential to check the cables connecting to the fan as they might cause the fan to start hitting the cover of the console.

Surface Heat Does Not Let the PS5 Cool Itself Down

PS5 starts making clicking noises if not placed on a proper surface. The PS5 console will have a hard time dissipating heat if you place it on a rug or a cloth.  

Place the PS5 console on a surface that doesn’t attract much heat. You should place your PS5 console on top of your gaming table to allow its fans to suck in more air to cool down.  

A Dusty Fan Leads to Clicking Sounds

When dust accumulates in the air vents of the PS5 console, the fan starts working overtime, and PS5 keeps making clicking noises. The fan installed in your PS5 will overclock to suck in more air to cool down the components and as a result, will produce clicking noise. Therefore, the narrow crevices should be free of dust particles. 

Open the PS5 console by using specialised screwdrivers. Take off the lid and remove the air vents fixed on top of the fan. Make sure you keep all the screws in a safe place. Clean the air vents and the fan using a low-powered vacuum cleaner. 

Your PS5 Fan Could Have Attained Permanent Damage

After checking all the parts of the PS5 console, the fault might be in the fan. If the fan is damaged or tilted from its place, then PS5 starts making clicking noises. The blades of the fan might be hitting the console’s lid, resulting in clicking noises. Something the edges can unhinge from the primary motor causing further damage.

If you are confident that you can fix the fan on your own, then open the PS5 console and remove the fan. Clean all the parts and carefully set the fan in its proper place. If the clicking noise continues, it is time to call a professional to fix the fan or replace it for good.


PS5 is a robust gaming tool, and just like other machines, it can also glitch most of the time. If your PS5 keeps making clicking noises, try the solutions we have outlined for you. We hope you will resolve the problem by following the given guidelines. Once the issue is resolved, you can enjoy PS5 anywhere you want.  


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