Solved: iPhone not detecting headphones – potential causes and fixes!

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Whether you’re using your iPhone to listen to music, make calls or catch up with your favourite podcast, there’s nothing worse than when it doesn’t detect your headphones.

The Apple iPhone is a phone that has totally dominated the mobile industry. From the year of its launch in 2007 to today, the iPhone has undergone some changes – in 2020 they don’t even feature a regular headphone jack!

There could be a variety of factors that could cause your iPhone to stop detecting headphones, so let’s take a look at this common issue.

iphone not detecting headphones
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Some simple things to try first

Before we take an in-depth look at the headphone issue, let’s run through some very simple things that could be to blame.

It might seem silly, but try turning your volume all the way up. You’ll find the volume button on the top left-hand side of the iPhone. You never know, the volume may be muted.

Also, always check to see if audio is playing elsewhere, you may have accidentally connected to a speaker elsewhere via Bluetooth.

In the same vein, the headphones may be faulty. So, check them for damage. We’d suggest trying a different pair of earphones with your iPhone to see if the earphones are the issue.

Finally, if your iPhone isn’t detecting headphones, it could be a software issue. Simply restarting your iPhone is always worth a go, as this could solve a potential software problem.

Is your headphone jack the problem?

If you have an older iPhone then this could be the solution for you as the newer phones don’t come equipped with a headphone jack.

Check for any physical damage to the jack. If you notice anything, it may be worth looking into getting the headphone jack repaired. If you’d like more advice on this please call our freephone number today on 0800 433 7963.

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iPhone not detecting headphones? Ways to potentially fix this issue

If you do find that the issue lies with just one particular pair of headphones then, thankfully, that’s easily solved.

Another solution is to switch to wireless headphones that eliminate the need for a cable connection.

If you have checked through all the suggestions and still can’t seem to get your iPhone to recognise any headphones then please get in touch with us. Use our online chat system or call us via our freephone number to speak to a human being today.

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How can you fix this issue if you have Apple AirPods?

If you have a newer version of the iPhone then this issue will be more relevant to your Airpods.

Firstly make sure you have the newest update of iOS.

Open the control centre and make sure Bluetooth is switched on and then put both of your AirPods in the charging case.

Make sure to select AirPods as your audio device, close the lid, wait 15 seconds and the status light should flash white to signal they are ready to connect.

If they don’t connect, hold the status button down until you see it flash white, then amber, then white continuously and they should be ready to connect.

Open the case and hold it next to your iPhone, proceed with the instructions on your phone.