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If you have owned a smartphone for years, you may have swapped providers many times. Keeping the same number simplifies life, but the procedure isn’t always obvious. Vodafone keep my number being one of the most requested topics.

In today’s rundown, we will provide you with various options available for keeping your long-standing number. Providers such as Vodafone have well-documented methods for keeping or moving numbers. These methods we will provide below to get you quickly up and running.

All the processes are straightforward, as long as you have all the pertinent information at hand. We will run you through everything you need so that you have the confidence to change your number at any time.

How Do I Keep My Number on Vodafone?

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If you are moving from or to the Vodafone network, you will need one or two codes. These will be a ‘PAC code’ and/or a ‘STAC’ code.’ A ‘PAC code’ is needed when you want to carry your mobile number over to Vodafone. A ‘STAC code’ is used when you want to keep a Vodafone number. Both these codes are supplied by your network provider.

To keep your existing number you will need 3 things:

  • Your temporary number from Vodafone.
  • A PAC Code. Simply contact your existing network provider, usually via customer services. This code will last 30 days, after which you will have to apply for another.
  • You’re existing number to provide to Vodafone.

A ‘STAC code’ is used when you want to move from your current provider to Vodafone. Plus, you want to keep a newly provide number. This code is useful to know, to differentiate between the two types of code.

For canceling your existing contract and keeping a new number, you need three bits of information.

  • Your new Vodafone number given to you at the start of the contract.
  • A STAC code. Obtain this from your current network provider, which will last 30 days.
  • Your existing mobile number which you don’t want to keep.

if you are still not sure about the process, help support Vodafone UK is available via customer services and online.

How Do I Leave Vodafone?

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If you want to move away from your Vodafone contract, there are three choices. You can leave with your existing number, which needs a PAC code. The second option is to leave without a number, requiring a ‘STAC code’. Lastly, you can apply for a ‘Standard Cancellation’ which usually requires a 30 day notice period.

As above, when you join another network provider, and want to keep your Vodafone number, a ‘PAC code’ is required. This is known as the ‘Porting Authorisation Code’ route. A ‘PAC code’ can be obtained online, sent by text message by texting ‘PAC ‘ to ‘65075’ or by phone. You can contact Vodafone by phone by dialling ‘191’ or ‘03333 040 191.’

A ‘STAC code’ or ‘Service Termination Authorisation’ code lets you move to another network using a new number. This code is obtained by the same method as above. Please be aware that early exit fees may apply.

If you want to simply cancel your contract, this is usually performed when not joining another network. In this case, you will need to call Vodafone via the latest phones help support. A thirty-day period of notice will then be applied.

Completely canceling your contract is the most convoluted option. Therefore, most people buy a Pay AS You Go Sim card, which then gives the option in the future of acquiring a PAC or STAC code. Early exit fees may apply depending on the length of your contract.

How Long Is a Vodafone Contract?

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A Vodafone phone contract generally lasts between 12 and 24 months. If you want to change providers within this period, you may have to pay an early exit fee. Pay AS You Go Sim cards don’t require a contract, which is more flexible for some.

Can I Transfer My Mobile Number to the Same Network?

A mobile number can be moved to the same network. If you want to change deals, simply choose the new deal online and place the order. Upgrading to another handset generally needs a new Sim card. In this case, contact customer services to run through the process. Talking to somebody is generally more helpful if you’re not sure about filling in online forms.

If you are within your contract period, an early termination fee may apply. You can check contract lengths by logging into your online account.

If you are out of your contract period, you can switch at any time without fees.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel a Vodafone Contract?

How much it costs to cancel a Vodafone contract depends on the time period left. If you cancel within your contract period, you may have to pay a termination fee. This fee can be 81.7% of the remaining contract.

Canceling a phone contract is not advised as your essentially paying off a loan without service. Alternatives to canceling can be changing the mobile phone itself, improving the network coverage, or seeking financial help.

How Do I Keep My Number When Staying on the Same Network?

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If you are moving to a new deal on the same network, then contact Vodafone customer services. However, a new deal may require signing up with a new number. In this scenario, to keep your existing number you will need a ‘PAC code’ obtained from your provider.

As most of the best deals go to new customers, there is a workaround for existing numbers. You need to be at the end of your contract to not incur fees. Then simply follow the process below:

Buy a Pay As You Go SIM card from another provider.

Obtain a PAC code from your existing network. This can be done in your online account, by text message, or by customer support. Then transfer your existing number to the new SIM card. Then cancel your current contract.

Transfer your existing number to the new deal phone. Obtain a PAC code from the SIM card provider, which will then give access to the new deal network.

How Do I Reactivate My Old Mobile Number?

To reactivate an old Sim card or old mobile number requires a few steps. Note down the numbers printed on the Sim card. Also, make a note of the ‘IMEI’-the International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

Contact your network provider with the above information. Some network providers will send out a new Sim card, while also checking if any payments are overdue.

The new reactivated Sim card can then be slotted into your phone. Pay monthly customers should see how many minutes they have left on the phone’s display.

How Long Does A Vodafone Number Stay Active?

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If you are on a network contract, a Vodafone number stays active for the duration of the contract (as long as you keep paying your phone bill). If you do not renew your contract or lapse in payments, the number can be deactivated. For pay-as-you-go or Sim cards, credit is active for 10 months after buying.

When using a Sim card after the credit has expired, there is still a three-month renewal period. After this time the number will be canceled. Buying online latest phones or online phone deals help to extend the life of a mobile number.

What Does a Vodafone Pac Code Look Like?

It’s easy to identify a Vodafone PAC code. A PAC code consists of three capital letters and six numbers. An example being – ADE 123456.

Conversely, a STAC code has six letters then three capital letters, e.g. 123456ADE. Both codes are obtained by contacting Vodafone either online or via customer support.

There is also an additional ‘INFO code’ available to find out any additional fees. You can text ‘INFO’ to the number ‘85075’ or log into your online account by visiting ‘Account settings’ > ‘Mobile switching.’

Can I Request a Pac Code Online?

You can request a PAC code online via your online account. A more straightforward method is to text ‘PAC’ to ‘65075.’ You should receive the code within a few minutes, with any outstanding charges.

If you have more than one mobile number linked to your account, then you have to ask for a PAC code online or by phone. The process is governed by Ofcom, making the process aboveboard and very straightforward.

Do Sim Cards Expire if Not Used?

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Sim card expiration usually applies to Pay As You Go customers. Mobile networks can apply different time periods. Therefore, always check credit, Sim cards, and policies for the time they expire. Many large providers allow up to 6 months before the credit expires. While smaller providers only allow up to 90 days.

To make sure your Sim card or credit doesn’t expire, simply make an outgoing call or text within the expiry period. When your do not use your phone, then the Sim card can be automatically cancelled.

If you’ve not already activated your phone, there is an activation key that comes with the SIM card or its packaging. If you have a Vodafone starter pack, the activation key is on the packaging and usually has 10 characters. The phone can then be activated online by visiting the Vodafone website.

From there you can choose a plan or a new phone. Each step of the process has on-screen prompts. Alternatively, you can call Vodafone’s SIM activation number, which in the UK is 17298. From there you simply need to follow your phone’s on-screen prompts. This process can also be done in-store, as long as you have your phone, SIM card, and proof of ID. For instance, a driver’s license, passport, or proof of age.

How Do I Keep My Vodafone Sim Active?

A Vodafone Sim card can be kept active by having a monthly contract and keeping up payments. For prepaid customers, you will have to make sure that your phone is used within the expiry period.

To be on the safe side, use your phone by either calling or texting every 45 days. If you are using your phone internationally, then there will be an international roaming fee.

How Do I Find My Old Number?

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If you want to activate an old number but don’t have it at hand, firstly check old phone bills. An old phone bill is accessed online, via old emails, or by ringing customer support. Any paperwork reference to the number should also be checked.

If your old number is not available by the above means, more investigation is needed. Your old phone number may be attached to online purchases. You will have to log into the individual shopping accounts to track this information. It’s also worth checking old emails, powering up an old phone, and checking any membership information online.

An old Sim card may also reveal an old number. You can also check online credit reports, bank information, or any backups you have made in the past. This process is made easier if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup account.

Summary of the Vodafone Keep My Number Methods

Transferring or keeping your mobile number has never been easier. In the UK 2020 Vodafone Limited is Ofcom regulated, making the process easy and straightforward.

Keeping and transferring mobile numbers is a common exercise. This is why all network providers have a seamless way to transfer any number. The only time this will incur a charge is when you transfer within your contract period.

If you follow the steps above, they will guide you through this simple process. If at any stage of the process you are unsure, support Vodafone UK 2020 is at hand to answer all your questions. The pertinent pieces of information you will need include a PAC code. If you’re unsure of the process simply contact Vodafone’s customer service.

We hope that you have found the tips above useful. If so please comment below with your own findings. Also, please share this article on social media, as it may just help out someone in the same situation.


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