What is Apple TV error 11800? Get the set-top box working again


Apple TV is a fantastic device, it provides us with the easy-to-use Apple interface on TVs, which is why so many people love it. Moreover, the smooth integration with other Apple devices such as the iPhone and the MacBook, ensures that it fits right into the Apple eco-system.

The Apple TV provides many different features, including hundreds of applications including AirPlay, music streaming and more. However, most of its owners use it for consuming content via apps such as Netflix and Apple TV+.

Unfortunately, sometimes the users can face a small issue that prevents them from enjoying Netflix on their Apple TV. We are talking about error 11800, and if you are also facing this problem, then do not worry as we will guide you through how to fix it!

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What is an Apple TV error 11800 on Netflix?

By the looks of things, the error 11800 is accompanied with either “A problem occurred while playing this item” or “Cannot play title”, when you try to play something on Netflix.

There are several reasons why this problem could occur. The first reason is that you might have internet connectivity issues. The second reason is that the cache on your Apple TV might need to be refreshed; this could happen after long sessions of watching Netflix. Another reason for error 11800 could be that your DNS server needs to be reconfigured.

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How to fix Apple TV error 11800 Netflix

Let us start with the solution now. First of all, check if your internet is working correctly. If yes, then let’s proceed to the first step. Otherwise, please contact your internet service provider.

  • First, restart the Apple TV and the TV that it is connected to.
  • To reboot the Apple TV, unplug the cables, as well as the connected TV.
  • Wait for two to five minutes before plugging back in the cables and turning Apple TV back on.
  • Once it is on, open Netflix and see if the issue is resolved.

If the error persists, you’ll need to check the internet settings on your Apple TV.

  • To do that, go to the settings menu.
  • Then proceed to Wi-Fi and select the option to configure DNS.
  • Make sure that the DNS is set to automatic, instead of manual.
  • Once, you have checked this, restart the Apple TV, as well as your internet router.
  • Now, the error 11800 should be gone, and you can get back to enjoying Netflix on your Apple TV.

Error 11800 on iPhone/iPad?

Yes, the same error can also occur on other iOS devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad.

But don’t worry as they are just as easy to fix. You need to restart your device and make sure that you are using the latest version of Netflix.

If that doesn’t solve the error code, please check the DNS settings on your Apple devices and you should be good to go!

The DNS settings can be accessed by navigating to settings > Wi-Fi > select your wireless network > DNS > Delete the existing DNS servers > enter the new DNS servers (Google DNS) and

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