We think the Techwood 49AO8UHD TV is one of the best on the market: Here’s why!

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The Techwood 49AO8UHD TV is earning rave reviews and we think you can’t do any better.

It comes in at just £329 from AO.com which is astonishingly cheap for a 4K 49-inch television.

This comes as a shock because it takes something really special to impress the techy team at Your Fix Guide.

However, everyone agrees that this TV is a fantastic deal and has the specs to back it up.

We investigate whether there are any drawbacks with this fantastic offer from AO and this Techwood TV.

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What sort of picture can you expect?

Offering excellent 4K capabilities, you won’t be disappointed with the picture quality as your viewing experience is transformed.

Not stopping at just 4K viewing, the screen also allows for ultra HD and HDR to truly maximise the viewer’s pleasure.

It’s a relatively small screen in the TV world these days so it does have it’s limitations but it’s stunning to watch.

It outguns similar cheap rivals with its bright colours and sharp edges that pop on-screen.

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What, if any, are the drawbacks of the Techwood 49O8UHD?

If you’re watching a program that is only in standard definition, it can be a pretty rough watch with this advanced screen.

The poor sound quality might also put some people off but a good set of speakers will put this right.

A good set of Bluetooth speakers will enhance the sound with minimal effort.

You can’t argue that its drawbacks aren’t conquered by the amazing value you’re getting with this TV.

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Are there any competitors?

There aren’t many TVs that can compete with this one as it can be hard to find a good budget TV these days.

Bush offers this 49-inch stunner for £50 cheaper than the Techwood but it doesn’t deliver in terms of sharpness.

For £70 more, you can acquire a 49-Inch LG TV (49UM7390PLC) that doesn’t offer much more than the Techwood.

The best value for money is the Techwood 49AO8UHD and companies will struggle to compete with this market leader for years to come.

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