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With the invention of Smart TV’s, it’s easier than ever to find something to watch around the clock. Whatever you fancy watching, you can find it on-demand or on a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime with a click of a button.

However, Sony Smart TV users have found an error which they are all too familiar with. Instead of the simple process, you’d expect when going to watch tv, you switch on your Sony TV and the TV decides to keep rebooting itself.

If you have a 2020 model of a Sony TV this issue has likely occurred due to the TV software crashing after a firmware update. Although a factory reset should fix the issue, there are occasions where your standard factory reset won’t fix the issue.

In order to fix the Sony error you are having with your Smart TV we have an easy troubleshooting guide that anyone can follow. With these easy steps, you have your tv back up and running in no time.

Why Does My Sony Smart TV keep rebooting?

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There are numerous reasons as to why your Sony TV will keep rebooting. Unplugging your TV from the mains, allowing it a few minutes to close down and then replugging it back in can offer a quick fix to this problem as it will trigger the settings in the TV to work correctly.

Although this is a common issue, here are some of the other reasons your Sony Smart TV keeps rebooting.

  • Your firmware did not install correctly
  • You have a faulty power cord
  • The device is overheating
  • A software update is required

How to fix Sony Smart TV keeps rebooting

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We understand how frustrating the Sony Smart TV error is therefore we have rounded up the best fixes for your Sony TV issue.

Fix 1. Check the power supply

One of the easiest places to start is by checking the power supply. If there are any loose wires, bent cables or issues with an extension the TV may be glitchy and reboot. Wires placed under heavy objects such as TV units or speakers could cause problems for your TV wires. Therefore in order to make sure the power to your TV is ok, we’d recommend attempting to use a different plug, alongside checking all of your wires for any kinks.

If everything is ok with your power supply, our next fix involves power cycling your device. This is a way to reboot your device without deleting any data as a forced factory reset would. Here’s how to Power Cycle your Sony Smart TV:

  1. Unplug your TV from the main power socket and leave it for around 10 minutes
  2. Next press and hold the power button on your TV for 5-10 seconds
  3. Connect your TV back to the power, and turn it on

Fix 3. Make sure your TV isn’t overheating

Although it isn’t something you’d usually think about, your TV can overheat. There are two ways in which this can happen, your TV not being in a well-ventilated place and the settings on your TV making it harder to run.

In order to stop your TV from overheating on the outside make sure it is not near any heat sources such as radiators and heaters. If your TV is against a wall, you could consider moving it slightly forward as well to help with airflow to your TV. Lastly, keep regularly cleaning out the ports and behind the TV to avoid dust build-up.

From the inside, make sure your picture settings are turned down to below 80%, when your settings are all set to 100% this can be harder for the TV to function.

Fix 4. Update software

If your TV is connected to the internet your TV should automatically update. However, there are times when this does not happen, so checking for any updates on your TV is important to make sure it is running to the best of its capabilities. Here’s how to update your Sony Smart TV manually:

  1. Select the settings button on your control or via the menu on your screen
  2. Choose Customer Support
  3. Select Software Update
  4. Then choose Network and choose your WiFI network
  5. Then select yes or OK to install the update
  6. Allow 5-15 minutes for your TV to update

Fix 5. Turn off sleep settings

Another setting that may be causing an issue for your Sony Smart TV is the sleep settings on your TV. Although these should not impact your TV, users have reported turning off the Sleep timer or Idle TV standby function fixed their issue. If you are unsure how to change your sleep settings, we have a step by step guide for you:

To turn off sleep timers:

  1. Press the home button your remote control
  2. Next, choose timers in your TV settings
  3. Select sleep timers and set to off

To turn off idle standby function:

  1. Press the menu button on your control
  2. Select Settings followed by Setup and press OK
  3. Scroll down to Other Settings, and press OK again
  4. Locate auto-standby and use the arrows to set the option off.

Fix 6. Remove any unnecessary devices

If you have external devices connected to your TV, these may be causing your Sony Smart TV to keep rebooting. Therefore if you unplug additional devices such as Xbox, PlayStation or a further Smart TV device such as Firestick, remove these when they’re not being used.

By removing these you may find the issue was caused by one of these external devices.

Fix 7. Forced Factory Reset

Your Sony Smart TV may keep rebooting if it is encountering an error with the firmware. In order to get this resolved your device will need to perform a forced factory reset. The forced factory reset will reset everything on your TV so it performs like a whole new device.

Although this can be frustrating as all of your logins and app downloads will no longer be on the device, it is one of the fixes almost guaranteed to provide an end to the constant rebooting of your TV.

In order to do a factory reset of your TV, here’s what you need to do:

  1. On the TV remote select the home button
  2. Choose settings followed by Device Preferences > About
  3. Next select Factory Reset > Storage & Reset
  4. Following this choose Reset and then Erase everything
  5. You will then be advised it will remove all data from the device, simply press yes to continue

This may take a few minutes to close down, but once this has turned off, you can turn your device back on and set it up as a new device.


We hope you have found one of our fixes has been successful when it comes to fixing the reboot issue with your Sony Smart TV.


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