Why is Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV: 5 Easy Fixes


Disney Plus not working on Samsung TV can ruin your viewing experience. If you want to watch trending shows and movies on your Samsung TV, you should know how to fix this problem. The good news is that it doesn’t take much time to stream Disney Plus on your website. 

Both Disney Plus and Samsung have become household names at this point. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney Plus saw a massive boost in its viewership. Some analysts have even predicted that it will surpass Netflix as the world’s most popular SVOD by the year 2026. 

While there is no doubt that these are popular platforms, they can still run into errors from time to time. If you find that your Disney Plus not working on Samsung TV, keep reading to find out why this happens and how to fix this issue.  

Why is Disney Plus Not Working on My Samsung TV?

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Although it can be quite frustrating when you realize Disney Plus isn’t connecting to your Samsung TV, the good news is that it’s usually due to issues that are quite simple to resolve. Check some of them out below:

Poor Internet Connection: If you have a poor internet connection then your Disney plus app would stop working. To fix this, you’ll have to check your connection and then take the necessary steps to fix the problem.  

Using an Older Version of Samsung TV. If you are using an older version of Samsung TV it will not support the Disney Plus app. It is therefore necessary to get a connecting device.

Outdated Disney App

Other glitches in the Disney app can be fixed by updating it. If your Disney plus app has not been updated or you have not been refreshing the page, it will stop working. 

Server Issues

Most of the times Disney Plus not working on Samsung TV because of server problems. Keep a check on their social media handles to see if there are any problems with the server. Twitter will keep updating you on the progress of the progress as they come up with a solution. You can call customer support to get a better idea of the situation.

How Do I Reset Disney Plus on My Samsung TV?

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Now that we know what the most common culprits are for this, let’s talk about how you can solve the issue of Disney Plus not working on Samsung TV. 

A straightforward solution is to reset the app on your Samsung TV. Samsung Models built after 2016 support Disney Plus and you can follow a few simple steps to download it on your TV. 

  • Connect To The Internet

Make sure your Samsung TV is properly connected to the internet before you install the Disney Plus app. Once the internet connection is up and running, you can proceed to the next step.

  • Open Smart Hub / Home Page

Click on the Smart Hub option on your remote and go to the home page of your Samsung TV. Look for the search bar on the top of the screen. 

  • Search For Disney Plus App

Write Disney Plus in the search bar and the application will appear on your screen. 

  • Install Disney Plus

Click on the Disney Plus app and select the install option. It will take a few minutes to install the Disney PLus app on your Samsung TV.

  • Sign Up

Once the app is installed, sign up with a new account and follow the given instructions. Choose your favorite programs and enjoy watching Disney Plus on your Samsung TV.

Reset Your Samsung TV

When Disney Plus not working on Samsung TV after updating the app, you need to factory reset your television. Follow the given steps to factory reset your Samsung TV. There are two ways of factory resetting your Samsung TV. 

For New versions:

  • Go to settings.
  • Choose general.
  • Click on reset
  • Reset and restart the TV
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Type in your pin.
  • Reinstall the Disney app.

For Older Samsung TVs:

  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Support
  • Go to Self-Diagnosis 
  • In the Self-Diagnosis find Reset
  • Click on Reset

Wait for the TV to reset and reinstall the Disney app. Check to see if this resolved the issue. If the problem persists, check out some other solutions you can apply.

How to Fix This Issue

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If you have already installed Disney Plus on your Samsung TV and it’s not working for some reason, you might be dealing with the following problems:

Slow Internet Connection

If you have a slow internet connection Disney Plus would not be able to stream or browse your favorite shows. Make sure you are not using the internet on other devices. Once you have finished reconnecting the internet at a proper speed, start Disney Plus and enjoy your favorite shows.

Faulty Connecting Device

If your connecting device is not working properly then Disney Plus might stop running. You need to disconnect all the devices from your Samsung TV and wait for a few minutes. Attach everything properly and try updating the connecting device. If it starts updating and is properly connected to the internet, Disney Plus will start working on your Samsung TV in an instant. 

Unplug The TV

Unplug your Samsung TV and wait for at least one minute. It might seem simple but it is one of the reasons Disney Plus not working on your Samsung TV. After waiting for sixty seconds, plug in the device and check to see if Disney Plus is working.

Reinstall Disney Plus

If the Disney Plus not working on Samsung TV even after you checked the internet connection and unplugged the TV, you need to reinstall the app. 

  • Go to the home screen and look for the apps. 
  • Click on the Settings option and select Disney Plus. 
  • Choose the Disney Plus app in the settings option and click on delete. 
  • Click twice on the delete button to make sure it’s removed from the apps on your home screen. 
  • Turn off your TV and after putting it back on search for Disney plus app. 
  • Click on install and wait a few minutes to enjoy the latest shows.

Revamp The Smart Hub

Reset the smart hub if Disney plus not working on Samsung TV. To reset your smart hub,

  • Go to the settings option
  • Fine Support icon in the Settings
  • Click On support
  • Find and click on the reset smart hub option on your Samsung TV
  • Reset the smart 
  • Reinstall the Disney plus app


We hope that you have acquired all the information you need to make sure Disney Plus starts running on your Samsung TV. Before rebooting your Samsung TV, look at all the options to fix the Disney plus app. Make sure you have checked your internet connection, connecting device, and also the speed of the internet connection before you try to reset your TV. If Disney Plus is not working after following all the guidelines, contact Disney Plus customer service for more information. 


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