Xbox Series X Controller Light Too Bright: Here’s How To Dim it


Playing games on Xbox is fun, especially when you play at night, but the Xbox series X controller light too bright can become annoying. The Xbox might run into errors, but you can quickly fix the dimming of a controller’s light.

Xbox is a popular gaming series developed with the latest technologies and provides a realistic feel. The new Xbox X series is equipped with Variable Rate Shading (VRS) and Direct X-Ray Tracking, making the experience enjoyable for seasoned gamers.  

Many users have faced problems with their Xbox series X controller light being too bright, but they couldn’t find a viable solution.  Microsoft has updated the Xbox series X by offering an updated firmware for the console. 

How To Dim Xbox Series Controller Light?

accessibility night mode

There are two phases of solving the “Xbox series X controller light too bright” issue. The first phase includes updating the software, and the second phase is to apply the settings in your Xbox Series X controller to dim the light. 

Microsoft has updated a “Night Mode” option in the latest Xbox X and S series. You need to update your console to the latest firmware to use the Night Mode first. You can enjoy Xbox anywhere, whether it’s your place or even at a hotel, by dimming the lights of the controller. 

The following guidelines will help you navigate the settings of your Xbox X controller.

Manual Update Firmware Of Xbox Series X

xbox settings

Older versions of Xbox Series X don’t have a pre-installed Night mode. If you want to add “Night Mode” to your Xbox Series X, you can update the firmware manually. The process of manually updating an Xbox X series console is simple. Follow the step-by-step guideline to fix the Xbox Series X controller light too bright problem.

  1. Guide Menu
    Take your Xbox controller and push the Xbox button to reach the “Guide” menu.
  2. Profile & System
    After opening the “Guide” menu, push the RB button. Press down the RB button to scroll down to the “Profile & System” menu.
  3. Settings
    Select the “Settings” option in the Profile & System tabs by using the “A” button on your Xbox controller. 
  4. System
    As you reach the Settings, find the “System” option located on the left column on the screen.
  5. Updates
    When you select systems, you can then navigate to “updates” on the right side of the screen.
  6. Select The Latest Firmware
    A list of updated firmware will appear in the “Updates” section. Choose the latest version by clicking on the top slot in the Systems-Update tab.

Dimming The Light Of Xbox Series X Controller

xbox controller

Dimming the light for the Xbox controller is easy after you have completed the firmware update. Once the firmware is updated, you can fix the Xbox series X controller light too bright issue in a matter of minutes. Here is how you can dim the light of Xbox series X of your controller in an instant:

  1. Open Settings
    Click on the “Setting” menu to open the tab.
  2. Select Accessibility
    Find the “Accessibility” option on the left tab as you open the settings.
  3. Navigate to Night Mode
    You will find  “Night Mode” on the right side of the screen when clicking on Accessibility.
  4. Open Controller Brightness Option
    Once you are inside the Accessibility tab, select “Controller Brightness”.
  5. Customise Brightness
    Select the “customise brightness” tab in the controller brightness. It will help you choose the right option for your brightness preferences.
  6. Manually Select Brightness From Default Menu
    When you turn the customise brightness feature, you can change the brightness settings based on your preferences. Use the “Analog Stick” or “Directional Pad” to choose one of the following settings of brightness:
  • Off (0%Brightness Level)
  • 20%Brightness Level
  • 33%Brightness Level
  • 50%Brightness Level
  • 75%Brightness Level
  • 90%Brightness Level
  • Default (100% Brightness Level)

After choosing the brightness level you require, just go back to your gaming menu, and you will see that the controller light has dimmed on its own. 

Turning On Night Mode 

preferences night mode

Night Mode is a recent feature updated by Microsoft. It allows you to change the brightness level of the controller by going to the settings menu. If you have the latest version of Xbox Series X, you can use it to turn on MightMode directly from the settings. Follow the given instructions to dim or turn off the light on your Xbox Series X controller:

  • Open the settings menu on your Xbox screen.
  • Go to “Accessibility” in the settings menu.
  • You will find “Night Mode” on the right side of the Accessibility menu.
  • Turn the “Night Mode” on.
  • Once the Night mode has been enabled, you can manage the display settings.
  • Set the Night Mode time by clicking on the “Scheduling option.”
  • Open the “Night Mode Starts” tab and set the time on which you want to set the starting time of the Night Mode.
  • Go to the “Night Mode Ends” and select when you want to turn off the Night Mode.
  • Return to your game and see if the settings are in place.

Placing The Xbox Controller “Night Mode” On Schedule

Once the night mode settings are in place, the Xbox controller can be placed on a schedule. It will permanently fix the Xbox Series X controller light too bright issue. It means that the console will dim the controller’s light in the evening. Here is how you can place the Xbox night mode on a schedule.

  1. Go to settings. 
  2. Click on the “Accessibility” option in the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Night Mode” from the options in Accessibility.
  4. Turn the Night Mode “On”.
  5. Select “Scheduled” in the Night Mode options.
  6. Now, you can change settings according to a particular time zone.

Once the Night Mode is on a schedule, you won’t have to turn it on or off as it automatically functions. Make sure you set the timings according to your time zone. If you have any other time zone set on your Xbox, change it to your particular preference. 

Covering The Controller Light

Most gamers who don’t want to upload the NIght mode, use black tape to cover the light on the controller. If you do not have the time to update your firmware, you can get stickers to cover the bright light on the colour. It will add a colourful tinge to the atmosphere in your room. Use a proper adhesive to cover the bright light of the controller. If the tape does not stick properly to the controller, you might end up with an annoying piece of tape hanging from the controller. Getting a Night Mode is the better option to save yourself from the hassle of switching tapes and stickers.


We hope you have understood the process of dimming the light on your Xbox series X controller. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly to update the right software. Once you have updated the firmware of your Xbox console, the rest of the process is easy. Just put on the night mode version, and you can enjoy your gaming experience any time of the day. The latest versions of Xbox Series X have a built-in “Night Mode” option in which you can make the changes you require to enjoy your nighttime gaming experience.


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