Freeview Won’t Work On My Smart TV: Fix Your Service Here


If Freeview won’t work on your smart TV, you may be experiencing poor signal coverage. This can result from a fault with your aerial.

Did you know that although the Freeview on Demand app requires a stable internet connection, it still needs to be connected to a satellite?

Your smart TV may be due to a firmware update, or a simple power cycle on your device is required.

We have created this straightforward guide to help you understand why Freeview won’t work on your smart TV, and provide you with simple fixes you can act on your smart TV so you can get back to enjoying one of the UK’s best digital television services.

Why won’t Freeview work on my Smart TV?

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If your home network is down, Freeview won’t work on your smart TV. The television app needs to be connected to secure the internet to function properly. Your Wifi may have gone down due to your network service provider, or there was a temporary internet glitch.

Other possible reasons why your Freeview is not working include;

1. System error

Is your TV operating on the latest operating system available?

If the firmware on your smart TV is out of date, this will create issues with the apps downloaded on your device.

2. Faulty installation

Freeview won’t work on your smart TV if the app’s installation was unsuccessful.

The download phase could have been interrupted, or corrupt files were stored in your TV’s software.

3. Weak signal coverage

You may be in an area that does not have an adequate signal to pick up Freeview channels. if your coverage is too low. the app won’t be able to operate successfully and broadcast on local channels.

4. Freeview services are down

If Freeview is down, it will affect all its services and you won’t be able to watch any channels until the television platform is back up.

The TV service could be down due to planned maintenance, or an unexpected outage.

5. Smart TV not compatible

Freeview is available on the 2017 model and newer smart TVs. You may be trying to get the TV platform to work on a TV that does not support the app.

How to get Freeview to work on Smart TV

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Reset your internet connection to get Freeview to work on your Smart TV. The TV app needs to be paired to a stable network to supply on-demand services. If you refresh your Wifi, you will improve your internet speeds and strengthen your connection. Freeview requires at least 2Mbps to stream at a standard level.

You can complete the reset;

Step 1. Turn your Wifi router off and remove it from its wall socket

Step 2. Wait a few minutes before you plug it back in

Step 3. Switch your modem back on

Once your Wifi has connected again, launch Freeview.

Other fixes you can execute to get Freeview to work on your smart TV include;

1. Update system software

Update your smart TV’s operating system to ensure your device operates on the latest firmware. This will ensure any faulty files are removed, and your TV’s performance is improved.

Step 1. Open your TV’s ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Support’

Step 3. Check for ‘Software Updates’

If an update is available, allow the download to take place without any interruptions.

2. Reinstall Freeview

With smart TVs, Freeview should already be a download on your device, with updates completed automatically.

If however, the app was programmed onto your TV with errors, or the manual install was faulty, you will need to reinstall the Freeview app as this is a reason why the service won’t work.

You should find Freeview in the ‘Apps’ section of your smart TV. Here, you will have the option to ‘Install’ it.

3. Check cables

If you experience a weak signal, your cables may not be secure, or they are faulty.

Check to see that you did connect them properly. Try to test the cable with a different device to see if it works.

Disconnect your aerial for a few moments to refresh the signal.

You may need to replace your cables if they interfere with Freeview picking up a signal.

4. Make sure your smart TV is compatible

Most smart TVs from 2017 and newer are compatible with the app, however, Freeview won’t work on your smart TV if it is too old.

Does Smart TV have built-in Freeview?

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All-new smart TVs will include Freeview as a pre-installed program and television service or as a downloadable application that you can find in the app settings of your TV. If you own a smart TV that was manufactured between 2014 and 2016, you will need to check if it is capable of Freeview On Demand. 

Although the Freeview On Demand service is based over an internet connection, you will still need to connect your TV to a satellite.

What equipment do you need for Freeview?

If you want to make sure your smart TV is equipped for Freeview so you don’t experience any further issues with the app not working on your device, make sure you have the following;

  • A Freeview supported smart TV
  • A working aerial
  • Valid TV license
  • Stable internet connection

The Freeview catch up and On Demand, the content will require at least a 2Mbps broadband speed to be able to play without any playback issues.

Freeview TV guide not working

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Your Freeview TV guide will not work if your smart TV is not receiving at least 2Mbps of bandwidth from your Wifi network. A poor internet connection can cause some information from the Freeview TV guide to be missing.

Additional reasons why your Freeview TV guide is not working include;

  • Smart TV’s OS is out of date
  • There’s been channel updates
  • Aerial issues

The first thing you should do to help rectify your Freeview TV guide is to restart your smart TV. This will refresh the connection, and update any changes that may have taken place.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you were able to understand why Freeview won’t work on your smart TV, and that you were able to rectify this problem with one of the five easy fixes provided.

If this issue persists, even after you have executed each method, there may be an underlying issue with your Freeview app or your smart TV.

You can make use of Freeview’s Help Guide to troubleshoot your program.


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