S21 Keeps Disconnecting From WIFI: How To Stay Online


If your S21 keeps disconnecting from Wifi, there could be an issue with your Samsung mobile as well as your Wifi router.

Did you know, an additional program like an adblocker or VPN can interfere with the network connection on your Galaxy S21?

Have you checked to see if there is a pending software update on your phone?

For more serious cases, there could be a hardware problem with your smartphone. Fortunately, Samsung provides online troubleshooting steps to help diagnose the issue and arrange a repair.

With this guide, we will expand on the reasons why your S21 keeps disconnecting from your Wifi, as well as provide you will enough solutions you will be able to execute so you can get your Samsung mobile back to staying connected.

Why does my Samsung S21 keep disconnecting from Wifi?

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If there is a problem with the Wifi router your Samsung Galaxy is connected to, this will cause your S21 to keep disconnecting from its paired internet connection. The network service provider could be down, or the Wifi connection may be dropping due to a latency error. 

This issue is with your router and not your Samsung Galaxy S21, however, the additional reasons why your S21 keeps disconnecting from Wifi is mainly to do with your mobile device. These include;

1. Faulty Wifi connection between device and router

Your S21 could have experienced a fault when it paired to your router the first time round. If your mobile cannot secure a stable network connection, your phone won’t be able to stay online.

2. Outstanding software update

Your S21 may keep disconnecting from Wifi if your mobile is due a software update.

Once Samsung rolls out a new version of firmware for their Galaxy to function on, you should update your phone otherwise system errors will start to occur.

3. Adblocker enabled

If you have an ad blocker enabled on your S21, this program can block your device from connecting Wifi.

The same can be said if you use your phone with a VPN installed.

4. Hardware issue

Your Samsung Galaxy S21 model could have a hardware issue that is causing your device to keep losing signal.

Sometimes, faulty devices are manufactured that have an unfixable problem.

How to stop S21 disconnecting from Wifi

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Power reset your Wifi router to help fix your S21 from losing signal. Because this issue can arise from your modem and not your phone, it is recommended to turn your router off and unplug it from its wall socket. Once its been a couple of minutes, plug the device back in and switch it back on. 

Once your Wifi is back up and running, wait for your Samsung mobile to reconnect. Test its Wifi connection by launching the internet.

If this step does not work, and your S21 still keeps disconnecting from Wifi, you can try these additional methods;

1. Re-establish connection to current network on S21

If there was an error when you paired your Samsung mobile to your Wifi network, you should forget the network, and reconnect.

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Connections’ followed by ‘Wifi’

Step 3. From the ‘Current Network’ option press the settings icon

Step 4. Press ‘Forget’

Your mobile will no longer be paired to your Wifi network.

Tip, restart your Galaxy S21 to refresh the changes before you reconnect to your network service provider.

2. Reset S21 network settings

This will reset the network services on your mobile;

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’

Step 2. Find and select ‘General Management’

Step 3. Click ‘Reset’ followed by ‘Reset Network Settings’

You may be asked to input your security code

Step 4. Confirm by selecting ‘Reset’

Once this is complete, you will need to connect your S21 mobile again.

3. Check for software update

If a software update is due on your mobile, you should download this version to improve your Samsung performance and get rid of any system errors that may be the reason why your S21 keeps disconnecting from Wifi.

How to check for software updates on Android

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘System’ followed by ‘System Update’

You will be able to update your phone’s firmware from here.

4. Disable additional programs

If you have an adblocker or a VPN enabled on your smart mobile, try to turn these off and see if your S21 still disconnects from Wifi.

To check if your Samsung is using a VPN, you can check it here;

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Press ‘Connections’ followed by ‘More Connections’

You will now be able to choose ‘VPN’. If one is on, it will show here.

5. Troubleshoot your S21

If none of these fixes has worked on your S21, you may have a hardware issue.

You can troubleshoot your Samsung mobile for a repair online.

Why does my S21 keep saying no service?

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If your sim card has not been inserted into your Samsung S21 mobile correctly, your device will display the ‘No Service’ error on your screen. A sim card is what connects your mobile to the internet, over your chosen network service provider. When this little device is not put in the sim card holder the right way, it won’t be able to activate.

A sim card can be faulty, where it won’t work even if you insert it correctly, although this is quite a rare occurrence.

Further reasons why your S21 has no service include;

1. No service in your area

Your network service provider may be completely down which is why there is no signal in your area, or as a widespread outage.

2. Disabled radio signal

If there is conflict between a radio signal and your Samsung’s GPS, the radio signal will automatically turn off.

3. Momentary system failure

Your Galaxy S21 may have just had a system failure. This can cause your mobile to lose any active connection when this error occurs.

How do I fix no signal on my S21?

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Re-insert your sim card to get rid of the S21 no signal issue. Make sure the device is facing the correct way, and that you place it in the sim card holder correctly. Before you place the sim back into your Samsung Galaxy, check that it is not damaged. If it is scratched, specifically on the side with the chip, it may need to be replaced.

Other steps you can take to fix the no service error include;

1. Check if your network provider is down

You can check to see if your network service provider is down by using this link.

If the site confirms there is a server issue, you will need to wait until your provider resolves the issue.

2. Reboot in safe mode

If the radio signal is off, you can reboot your Samsung in safe mode.

Step 1. Hold down on the power button

Step 2. Hold down on the ‘Power Off’ button

Confirm you want to reboot in safe mode.

3. Restart the device

If your S21 had a system failure, a quick restart can get rid of the error and reconnect your mobile.

Tip, leave your phone off for no less than thirty seconds before you turn it back on.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope we were able to help you make sense of your S21 keeps disconnecting from Wifi, and that you were able to fix this problem with one of the simple steps provided.

If the issue persists, we suggest you contact Samsung directly. You can make use of their online chat feature, or give them a call.


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