Where Can I Watch SK8 The Infinity: Is Funimation The Best Option?


Many anime fans are wondering where to watch SK8 The Infinity, and most probably, they’ll end up streaming this shounen sports comedy series on the Funimation streaming service. However, many users want to explore other streaming services that offer SK8 Infinity dubbed content.

Funimation is operating under the Sony entertainment company and deals in the distribution of various anime series. The company leads the way for anime dubbing and has a track record of dubbing the content in English quickly.

This article will show you whether or not you can watch the show free on Funimation. We’ll also discuss if Funimation paid subscription is good enough to spend money on it. But first, let’s find out what is SK8 The Infinity is.

 What is SK8 The Infinity?

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SK8 the Infinity is a popular shounen sports comedy animated series, it’s directed by Hiroko Utsumi. Furthermore, Toriyasu’s manga Sk8 Chill Out! is the inspiration for the show. After months of anticipation, the anime series SK8 the Infinity will finally premiere on Japanese television – and international streaming. 

However, the new anime follows a bunch of high school skaters who become hopelessly addicted to “S,” a no-holds-barred downhill skating event held in a discarded mine. SK8 the Infinity have success in Japan and worldwide, thanks to its A-list producer lineup (including Hiroko Utsumi and the famed studio Bones) and fast-paced development.

SK8 the Infinity Release Date in the USA?

A streaming service that gives users worldwide early access to anime hits. According to the show’s official website, beginning 10 January 21, SK8 the Infinity will be available on Funimation in the United States and other countries.

Where can I watch sk8 the Infinity: is the best option?

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SK8 The Infinity show is currently accessible to stream on Funimation. You can enjoy watching all 12 episodes of the inaugural season are free in Japanese with English subtitles. SK8 The Infinity has a fantastic English dub on Funimation, but you’ll need to join up for a premium account to see it. 

The subscription starts at $5.99 per month after the free trial, but you can cancel at any moment. You can watch on your mobile device, computer, or streaming device. The following devices are compatible with the Funimation App:

Streaming Devices: Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.

Mobile: iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle.

Smart TV: Amazon Fire TVs, Roku TVs, LG smart TV, Samsung smart TV.

Gaming consoles: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5.

Where can I watch SK8 the Infinity other than Funimation?

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You can watch the SK8 the Infinity only on Funimation. The easiest method to watch SK8 the Infinity for those outsides of Japan is to have a Funimation membership. Premium ($5.99/month for two simultaneous streams), Premium Plus ($7.99/month for five concurrent streams and offline downloads), and Premium Plus Ultra ($99.99/year for a range of extra features) are among the membership levels offered by the anime-centric streaming service. 

Is SK8 the Infinity on Hulu?

The SK8 the Infinity is not available for stream on Hulu. Still, you can watch any alternative amine show on Hulu that is freely available to entertain its customers.

Is SK8 the Infinity on Amazon Prime?

You can’t stream the show on Amazon prime. This online streaming platform users can choose a better alternative to entertain themselves, such as you can watch the Hitorijime My Hero, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and many more.

Is SK8 the Infinity on Netflix?

Sadly, Netflix doesn’t have the SK8 the Infinity show for now, but maybe they will have the show’s library in the future. 


We always suggest our readers pay for the content they watch, and there are moments when some viewers do not want to make a financial commitment and prefer to enroll in a first-time new sequence. However, the streaming platform provides 14-day free trial, which is more than enough time to watch the entire series. They will not charge you if you withdraw/ cancel within your trial period. 

Create Free Funimation Account

  • First, visit the Funimation website and click on the Blue Watch Now button.
  • Once the new page appears, scroll down to the bottom and choose the plan.
  • After deciding plan, click on the Start My Free Trial button. 
  • You need to fill in the complete information such as name, email, etc., and click the Continue button. That’s it!

What can I watch with Free Funimation account?

The anime streaming service has over 600 series, but you can only watch a few of them with a free subscription. The titles offered for free viewing are mostly older releases, with trailers or sneak peeks for newer content available.

Some recent series, such as Skate-Leading Stars and Tamayomi: The Basketball Girls, have the first one or two episodes available for free, but after that, you will need to pay for a subscription to enjoy watching the rest of the episodes.

Anything that requires a paid subscription has a red subscribe button in the top left corner of the thumbnail, making it simple to figure out what you have access to and what you don’t.

Is it worth subscribing to Funimation?

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If you’re new to anime lovers and want a taste of the genre, a Funimation free account might be adequate. Before committing to a monthly subscription, you may get a feel for the type of programming that Funimation offers and see if you like it. On the other hand, a premium subscription is worth it if you’re an anime lover and want access to binge-worthy anime. 

Some specific episodes aren’t dubbed in English with a free subscription, but this is only on a few episodes from what we’ve seen. There are English subtitles, so it may not be significant for most people.  


Hopefully, this article helped you explain where to watch SK8 the Infinity and why the Funimation is better for show lovers. However, if you have any other streaming platform subscription, you can watch the alternative shows. Otherwise, signup 14 days free trial on Funimation, feel the experience and enjoy your favorite shows. 


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