Sky Glass Activation: How To Activate The Subscription Service


The latest innovative piece of technology from Sky is their Sky Glass TV. The streaming TV which you can watch boxsets, Sky TV and apps without having the additional fuss of different packages. The TV has all you need built-in. If you are unable to get an ariel on your roof this is an easy to use alternative.

However, when you’re setting up your Sky Glass, you may encounter some errors, especially when it comes to Sky Glass activation. Therefore we have created a guide to help with all things Sky Glass and how to troubleshoot any errors you may come across.

What is Sky Glass?

sky glass activation

Sky Glass is a streaming smart TV created by Sky. Which includes Sky Ultimate TV, Netflix, and a TV. With motion sensors built-in, it provides users with an easy way to turn on the TV and start viewing right away. With a new and innovative way to watch tv with ease.

The TV itself is carbon neutral so ideal for helping the planet whilst still being able to watch your favourite shows.

Sky Glass Activation how to do it

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If your Sky Glass has arrived but you are unsure of how to activate your new piece of kit, here’s all you need to do in order to set up your new TV. Please note this needs to be done via the account holder, else you will be unable to do activate the account. If you are the account holder here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to
  • Enter your 6 digit code provided
  • If your code times out, you will receive another code after 30 minutes.
  • Once you have done this, your Sky Glass will be active.

How to fix unable to activate my Sky Glass

There are numerous reasons why your Sky Glass was unable to be activated.

In order to fix the linking issue regarding your Sky Glass, here are some simple troubleshooting techniques to try.

Linking unsuccessful. Please try again later

When entering the code to activate your Sky Glass, entering this code incorrectly will create an error which states ‘Linking unsuccessful. Please try again later.’

You can try entering this code again after receiving the error.

No Broadband

If your Sky Glass is unable to connect to the broadband, you will be unable to watch the TV. If you are setting it up for the first time or you are experiencing dropouts, you need to do the following steps in order to get it up and running again.

  1. Head to the router in your home
  2. Unplug the router from the mains
  3. Allow a few minutes for it to restart before plugging it back in
  4. Then wait for the lights to turn back on.

Sky Glass keeps crashing

If you find your Sky Glass keeps crashing, we’d recommend rebooting your device. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Put your Sky Glass or Stream Puck on standby
  2. Switch off your Sky Glass or puck at the mains – no need to remove the cables
  3. Next, turn the device back on and wait a few minutes for it to start up again. Once you see the home screen, you’re good to go.

Linking unsuccessful. You have reached your device limit

If you purchase the Sky Glass, you will also receive pucks which are a small device that allows you to watch Sky Glass on any TV in the house. You are only able to have six Sky Stream pucks per account. If you are trying to use more than six or link another TV this error will occur.

If you are still having issues activating your Sky Glass, reach out to Sky who will be able to advise further as this may be an error on their end.

What are the pros and cons of Sky Glass

Pros of Sky Glass:

  • The world’s first TV to be certified as Carbon Neutral
  • Arrives with no plastic packaging
  • It’s an all in 1 device
  • The TV comes in a range of colours such as pink, blue and black
  • There are 3 HDMI ports

Cons of Sky Glass:

  • You need fast broadband for it to function
  • Additional costs for packages
  • You can’t record programmes
  • Fewer channels available than other Sky products such as Sky Q

Can I get Sky Glass if I am an existing customer?

Yes, all customers of Sky can get a Sky Glass package. However, if you are currently in a contract with Sky you will need to finish your contract or have a second one running alongside it.

If you are a new customer you can join via Sky directly.

To get the most out of your Sky Glass a TV subscription is required, you can match this to what you are going to watch, but it’s worth factoring it into the final cost.

Do I need an aerial for Sky Glass?

The Sky Glass doesn’t require an external box or an aerial in order to work. This makes the Sky Glass more portable and easier to use wherever you are. The Sky Glass also does not require an engineer to install the box as it is already set up and ready to go once plugged into the mains.

Is Sky Glass expensive?

The Sky Glass has different price points depending on the size of the TV you choose and also how you pay. The prices for Sky Glass do not include Sky TV packages, so if you’re looking for certain channels this is added on top. The 43″ is £649, the 55″ is £849 and the 65″ is £1,094. Although you can pay monthly for the TV if required.


We hope this troubleshooting guide has been helpful when activating your Sky Glass. However, if you are still unable to activate your Sky Glass? We’d recommend contacting Sky in order to get this resolved. As you may have a faulty device or require a further software update.


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