Sky Connected But There Is No Internet On The Sky Box: Fix Here


Is your Sky Q box connected to your router but it shows no internet connection? Are ll your other devices such as mobile phones and laptops connecting to your router but not the Sky Q box? Do you know what causes this connectivity issue? In this article, we’ll deal with this problem through easy step-by-step fixes.

Sky Q box comes with TV bundles and mini boxes that act as a wireless repeater to help expand the range of your WIFI network and to run Sky TV programmes in other rooms of your house. Furthermore, You have the luxury to record four programmes at once while enjoying the fifth one.

Additionally, you can use a router other than the Sky Q hub to work with the Sky Q box as well. However, if one device malfunctions, it can compromise the integrity of the Sky mesh network in your home. Let’s find out what the “no internet” error means and why you get it on your Sky Q box even though it is connected to your router.

What does connected but no Internet mean?

Sky Tv Menu

The error means that your Sky Q box is connected to your router correctly but it is not connecting to the internet. Before you feel too panicky about it, know that there a quite a few Sky Q users who face the same dilemma as you.
Sky Q users are reporting that under Network connections in the Settings menu of the Sky Q box, they get the error message “It looks like you do not have an internet connection”. The Sky users see a ✔ (Tick) for the connection to the router but an X (Cross) for the internet.
Users also experience that some other functions such as Sky Store and Online Video do not work as Sky Q box notice the absence of an internet connection, but actually, there is one with the router.

Why does my Sky WiFi say connected no internet?

Router box with wires going into them

If your Sky Q box is connected to the router and you get an internet error, it could be due to the following reasons.
  • Sky Q box is overloading itself and needs a restart
  • The router needs to reconnect with the Sky Q box
  • Sky service is temporarily down
  • Network settings on Sky Q are not configured correctly
  • Your router is faulty and needs replacing

How do I fix no Internet connection?

Internet connection

To fix the no internet connection, first power cycle your router and Sky Q box. If the error persists, do the following troubleshooting steps.

Reconnect router to Sky Q

Sometimes, your Sky Q box can be partially connected to your router. To fix this, try reconnecting your box to your router by the following method.

  • Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote and navigate to Settings
  • Now select the Connections option
  • Next, reconnect your Sky Q box to your router again by following on-screen instructions

Manually change DNS server

Quite often, manually changing the DNS server number can help fix the internet connection issues on the Sky Q box. To do this:
  • Go to the Settings menu on your Sky Q box
  • Navigate to Setup and then select Network
  • Under Advanced Settings, select Set Manually
  • Change the DNS server number to
  • Next, power cycle your Sky Q box
  • Now try using your Sky Q box and check if this fixes the internet issue

Reset Sky Q box network

If the internet error persists after changing your DNS server, try resetting your Sky Q box network to fix the issue.

  • Long press the Home button to bring up the Settings page on your Sky Q box
  • Navigate to Network –> Setup
  • Select the Reset option and confirm it as well
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Sky Q box by connecting it via WPS
  • Press the WPS on the router for a few seconds
  • Now press the WPS on the Sky Q box for a few seconds to fix the error

Use the same name for 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks

To fix the “Sky Q connected no internet” issue, you must have the same names for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. You might have changed one network name which is causing the internet error on the Sky Q box. To check and change this setting on your router:

  • Login to your router or hub home page
  • From the left menu, select WIFI Settings
  • Click between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz options
  • Make sure that the 2.4GHz network has the same name as the 5GHz network

Replace your router

Network hardware (Routers, hubs, cables) malfunction is a common cause for the internet error on the Sky Q box. Therefore, you need to check if the cables are firmly connected to the router and the SkyBox. Furthermore, inspect any physical damage to the cables as well. If all seems right, your router may be faulty.

If that’s the case, you may need to contact your router manufacturer and ask them to replace or repair it. Remember, you may have to pay for the router repair or replacement if it is out of the warranty period.

Is Sky having Internet connection problems?

Sky report

Your router is working fine but you can’t connect to the Sky Q box? Sometimes, when the Sky servers are down, you can expect different errors to pop up on your Sky Q box. If all of the above fixes fail to fix the internet issue, it’s maybe because the Sky service is down.

To check the status of the Sky service, you can visit a third-party website such as Downdetector or visit the Sky website. Most of the time, the service outage is temporary and Sky engineers resolve it within few hours.


We hope that this guide helped you fix the “Sky connected no internet” issue. Mostly, this error happens to the users who are using a router other than the Sky Q hub with their Sky Q box. Sometimes, Sky Q won’t pick up the IP address from the non-Sky router. Therefore, if you are using another router, change it with the Sky Q hub.


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